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  1. I did very well out of cash generator in Gloucester. I picked up a CMI naughtynaughty-copy-of-a-famous-company-bass for £90 (I think). They didn't know what it was or how rare it was. Needed a very small rewire due to a touch of hum. Still has the pickup cover on it and everything, played like a dream. Sadly I had to move it on as i bought it to sell it just before i moved to uni. Sold it to Cosmo on here, I believe! Still miss it and I only had it for about a month!
  2. She is purdy. I really want a LPB or the Fender Japan OLPB colour, no pick guard, maple neck and blocks. I'm drooling typing that. But that is one nice looking bass. Whats the active set up like on those squires? I've only played the passive ones... had a VMJ many moons ago and it was lovely.
  3. Hello gang, I love the look of jazz basses without the pickguard on. However, are all jazz basses rear routed? Are only some? Just don't want to buy one, whip the guard off and be met by wires! Cheers, Tom
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  5. Tom, why is it only you that has the ferocious power of mega-temptation? Like i've said on previous sale threads of yours, buy with confidence.
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    Student loan arrives on April the 28th type bump. GARGH
  7. Oh man that Genz Benz amp looks great, i'll keep my eye out. I LOVE markbass stuff, but it's a bit out of my price range I think. I played one of the tube 800s into a 2x10 cab of theirs when trying a bass and it sounded unreal. You can drop so much bass in regardless of speaker size.
  8. Afternoon all, My Trace died last week, and i'm looking to sort out a new rig. I LOVE the ampeg, tubey, gainy rock tone and its what i've got recorded on a lot of tracks. However, in September i'm moving to London and i'm going to be living in a box. I also don't drive, and can't keep relying on bandmates to bail me out on that one! So, you know my tone, you know i need it portable, and you now know I have roughly £500 to drop. Can I get away with a 1x12? Will it shift enough air? Whats the thoughts on the terror bass? Tom.
  9. This used to be mine! Hope all is well down Kemble way mate
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    Unfortunately my Trace has died and need to get a new head. I was all ready to get this... but being ampless prevails. However, if this doesn't go, you may hear from me at the end of April!
  11. Without doubt, the Ashdown Superfly. Quiet, went back to the shop FOUR times to be repaired, non existent tone. *shudder*
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    I had it for about a year. Sounded and looked the nuts, but I couldn't get used to the neck profile unfortunately. Just a quick shout out for Tom: I got that P as an 18th birthday present, and being the smashing chap that he is he threw in a pickup cover for me as a gift. I'm really lusting for this ATK... that colour is amazing.
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    If this is still here in two weeks i'm biting your arm off. p.s hey tom! you sold me a 50's fender precision nearly 4 years ago on here now!
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