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  1. Looking for a Tokai Hard Puncher in mint condition. Preferably a white one. Please send me your offers Europe only please.
  2. is this already sold? hit me up with pm?
  3. is this already gone? would you sell it?
  4. [quote name='wahit' post='1093623' date='Jan 18 2011, 12:01 PM']Hey guys, tell me... what are the differences between these Sterlings by Musicman Stingrays and the MusicMan Stingrays?! I mean, the price of one is the double of the other. But what about sound wise?! Is the SBMM Stingray tone somewhere near the "original" Stingray!? One more thing! What is the best (cheapest) online store to buy these? I mean, the "original" Stingray costs over 1800 euros and these SBMM Stingrays cost over 1000 euros. Way more than a Fender American Precision or Jazz bass here in Portugal. Speak out please! I love Stingrays, but I don't want to spend a bunch of cash on a new one again... Cheers![/quote] you can get'm from soundslive or dv247 or absolute music for around 700€ including shipping, significantly cheaper than on the continent!, that's how I did it! saved me around 300€ and I got a new one
  5. they called the white one 'custom'
  6. haha indeed didn't take long, great bass anyhow
  7. this is one hell of a bass!! (I sure know!)
  8. bloody hell, if you would've put it up for sale I would be all over this!!
  9. too bad you don't ship, but you knew that already
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