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  1. Long time no Basschat (waves) I realised this has been sitting around utterly unused for well over a year now, so I guess that's a good sign to sell it. Dusty, but essentially new Hercules DS590B foldable double bass stand with bow hook [b] [url="http://herculesstands.com/international/products/fretted-and-bowed-instrument/double-bass/"]http://herculesstand...nt/double-bass/[/url][/b] Collection only (near Ipswich, Suffolk), as it would be a bugger to post. £40 takes it. Cheers
  2. [quote name='Gareth Hughes' timestamp='1305894035' post='1238112'] Now that's just showing off Paul [/quote] I actually took my bass with me when car shopping...and ended up with a golf. I can easily fit the bass in the back, along with a K&M stool, bag of stuff, PJB amp and still room for me and 2 passengers.
  3. I used to have BMW 3 series - I always put my bass in the front passenger seat a little bit like BassBags has described above. Whatever the car, there is usually a way, just be careful and methodical.
  4. Another one from my earlier days of frantic bass searching. Lovely example. If I hadn't just got yet another updated 4 figure quote from the builders for additional work I might have been tempted to buy it back. But alas, my days of having any spare money are well and truly gone! GLWTS
  5. This is a lovely bass, with a nice warm sound that contrasts very well with the relatively bright velvets. Chris has had some great work done to get this bass in top condition. Best of luck with the sale, should make a nice DB for someone out there in need
  6. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1444407860' post='2883077'] Thanks Jas. Did it have a tort pickguard at one time? [/quote] Always had that minty one as far as I know, although I was very tempted to go tort (as usual)
  7. [quote name='EssentialTension' timestamp='1444406968' post='2883057'] What colour is that? On my screen it looks like a slightly aged lake placid blue; darker than LPB I've seen on Laklands before. Or is it teal green? [/quote] Ocean Turquoise Metallic (previously my bass)
  8. Well, they are extremely nice and I say that having owned both a mouse and an MB-2. But - for me it was always a substitute for a DB, and once I got one I liked I stopped using the MB-2. I sometimes miss it, but then when I listen to recordings of the MB-2 that I [i]thought[/i] were good at the time, they don't sound anywhere near as nice as the DB does. The DB also has a style of its own in terms of the physicality (did I make that word up?) of playing it. The whole upright thing has you playing quite differently and you will approach lines in a whole new way. If you don't have any desire to actually play a real DB then I'm afraid you are in marital trouble
  9. Is this my old one Gareth? [url="http://basschat.co.uk/topic/151757-fs-tony-franklin-fretless-precision-bass/page__p__1353808__hl__tony%20franklin__fromsearch__1#entry1353808"]http://basschat.co.uk/topic/151757-fs-tony-franklin-fretless-precision-bass/page__p__1353808__hl__tony%20franklin__fromsearch__1#entry1353808[/url]
  10. Bump for the stand which would be sold but 3 days later I've heard nothing back from the buyer so I'm assuming he has changed his mind
  11. Here's a pic of the grab stand [attachment=201378:20150923_195305.jpg]
  12. It's one of these: [url="http://www.herculesstands.co.uk/p/auto-grab-guitar-stand-with-sff-on-legs?pp=24"]http://www.herculesstands.co.uk/p/auto-grab-guitar-stand-with-sff-on-legs?pp=24[/url]
  13. [s]I've got 2 of the wall hangers in good condition, although both have a little chip out of the wood where one of the screws go.[/s] SOLD [s]hanger 1 £8 posted hanger 2 £8 posted[/s] [s]Also one auto grab stand (not with the folding head) £18 posted[/s] I'll try and find time to pop some photos up later
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