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  1. my bass is still for sale if anyone is interested on ebay or reverb uk - [color=#282828][font=helvetica, arial, sans-serif]£[/font][/color]125 - lemme know
  2. I agree, it does need a different approach and lighter touch. Incredible sound for such a cute little instrument
  3. thanks for the suggestions guys, so many basses
  4. [quote name='Sercet' timestamp='1473003965' post='3125942'] What's the intonation like? [/quote] PM'd you Intonation is mostly good, need re-tuned pretty often but I'm advised this may settle. It's brand new, still has the tag. The E string is the most inconsistent but I just could not stop picking this thing up, she's addictive! It seems ok on the octave but as I said, maybe it just needs a little settling time or tweak. I'm pretty useless at anything like this and I don't really have patience just now, but her tone is soooooo sweeeeeet! I love it If anybody is interested I'll have it sent anywhere in the UK for £149 delivered Packaging and couriers I am good at! [sharedmedia=core:attachments:227059]
  5. quick decision.. I'm going for a violin bass .. now who wants to buy a ukulele bass?
  6. bass noob so to speak, what bass would get me in a similar ballpark as this: [url="https://www.thomann.de/gb/gibson_es_les_paul_bass_fdb.htm"]https://www.thomann....ul_bass_fdb.htm[/url] a violin bass? I think my ukulele bass probably ain't gonna cut it due to intonation issues (don't laugh too hard.. I'm an amatuer)
  7. thanks for the input.. looks like it's a frustrating instrument - I'd be even more frustrated if I bought new strings and it still didn't settle.. hmm Is there any other way (similar price) of getting this sound? I'm a home recording / hobbyist bass player at best, only tried electric bass guitars until now. would an electric-acoustic sound similar DI'd?
  8. haha.. thanks for the replies.. it definitely will require different.. ahem, "technique" from me.. main thing is though that I'm not messing about with tuning all day because I will lose interest and end up selling it... that sound though is sweeeeet but need to be stable. I'll give it a week or 2 to settle
  9. hey folks, hope you're well Recently bought a ukulele bass for around £200, Quincy koa version.. thundergut strings... anyways the tuning seems to drift pretty quickly which might be expected? I'm not sure, it's my first ukulele bass.. anyways when it's tuned, the intonation is mostly good aside from the E string which seems pretty close on the octave but drifts throughout. really like the sound, but the intonation and constant re-tuning is putting me off a bit. any advice is appreciated
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  12. brand new Epiphone EB-0 SG style short scale bass. mahogany body, mahogany neck, chrome hardware, rosewood fretboard, Sidewinder pickup. Colour: Cherry Red I bought a few short scale basses recently so I could compare & see what is best suited to me. I'm not really picking up any of them as i spend so much time on the keyboard, hence the sale. £107 UK delivery next working day lemme know if you're interested
  13. hello folks, I bought a lovely little short scale bass by Harley Benton recently. It could do with a bit of a tweak regarding intonation, I'm not at all educated in this field... I'm mainly a keyboard player so I'm not really too fussed on spending any ££'s to get her perfect... I have owned a few basses as I do like to collect & play around & this bass sounds pretty sweet through guitar rig 4 on my pc.. anyways, it's a cute bass & the price is £39 - i spent more than that on food & saturday night beers today lemme know if you'd like her, I can send next day delivery anywhere in UK
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