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  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a forum which requires at least 1 post to view.
  2. I have a G2220 - 2 PU. Love it. But I'm also wondering about getting a second G2002 or 2210 with single PU to experiment with. Anyone playing one, or selling one?
  3. What I'm getting so far is: 1. Use a 10" or 12" speaker with upright for rehearsals and smaller gigs 2. There's quite a range of possible amps out there for upright players - Tonehammer, Markbass, GK, Eden... 3. Using a preamp may be a good idea for a piezo pickup like the Underwood. Are most of you guys using a preamp of some kind - if so what, and what's your experience?
  4. Thanks guys. I think the big issue for upright will be what goes with the Underwood pickup. It's a piezo that fits in the bridge. An older model - dates from the 70s in my case. http://www.underwoodpickups.com/ It used to sound OK into my old Selmer Treble 'n Bass tube amp. I'm rebuilding that at the moment so it's out of commission. But I'd like something lighter anyway. For the cabinet, it has a removable front and I could replace the old Eminence 15" with an Eminence Neo 12". All that's negotiable. So still leaves me with a puzzle for a lightweight bass amp. I've been researching the bass forums for ideas and asking the UK dealers. BassDirect just says "come into the shop", period, so no idea there unless I go to Warwick. I managed to get the owner to voice a preference for Tecamp and Genzler Magellan, but it was hard work getting any useful information other than what he volunteered about his life story of years and years of being a top engineer and sorting out famous players. Other dealers recommend Markbass mostly, and sometimes Eden. They differ on Tonehammer. They steer me away from Fender Rumble, Orange and Ashdown as too rocky/grungey and TC and EBS as too clean. I have to say EBS sound samples are attractive on YT but dealers don't seem to like the sound much. From the US players there's always lots of recommendations for GK stuff. So still at preliminary research stage - need to know what would go on a short list and what's not worth bothering much about.
  5. Need a lightweight amp head for fretless and upright - Underwood pickup. I have a 1x15 Eminence cab. Play mostly jazz. Smaller venues. Phoned around dealers and they are selling mostly Markbass LM3 and Tonehammer 350/500. Listened to sound samples on YT and the EBS sounded best to me - could be Reidmar or HD350 S/H. I also see a lot of recommendations for GK gear and some like Eden. Feel free to recommend other options. The Underwood pickup needs to work into 1 Meg ohm input. HD350 is 1 Meg, Reirmar 250 is 2 Meg. Nice. Ideas and experiences most welcome!
  6. I don't have winISD - I use a Mac - so all help is gratefully received. The question of what to put into a 75 litre cab is quite a good theoretical one to answer. It's on the cusp of 12" and 15". Probably naturally closer to 12". I remember in the 70s us jazz bassists used Polytones and Roland Cubes and the 12" ones did sound better in those small cabinets. With a double bass in one hand, 75 litres was quite enough in the other. I'm gettiing a little closer to a decision but not close enough to commit yet - there are interesting options. The "Doc" at Celestion was pushing the "[color=#1F497D][font=Calibri, sans-serif][size=4]BN12-300S which will give you a fast, snappy, punchy sound but a tight and controlled rather than deep and ‘flappy’ bottom end. As it’s not played too loud you should be able to up the bottom end EQ and win some back that way".[/size][/font][/color] If we can carrying on making progress with choices - and trying them out in winISD - that would be great. I can then implement the choice and report back. andy
  7. I should look at Qts and stuff - i don't have any modelling software unfortunately. The build diary starts with choice of unit!! I can't find any UK dealers for Faital. There's also a Precision Devices Neo unit but they're hard to source also.
  8. I remember ages ago Polytone had a 15" bass cab, sealed box I believe. It can't have been over 75 litres. Mind, I remember the Polytone 12" version sounded better with double bass. Looking at the VAS for 15" units, the lowest is the Celestion BN15-300X at 98. The Neo magnets have higher VAS than some of the ceramic ones. Most of the 15"s have a VAS of around 140 litres. I haven't come round to building a tube pre yet! Will do this summer. I'm finishing off writing a book on performance psychology right now. Taking a break from playing, but want to get the equipment updated for when I can play again.
  9. I've been looking up some bass units and some of the 12" look fairly massive and possible: Faital 12HP1060 Celestion BN12-300S Fane Colossus 12 MBN Eminence Kappalite 3012HO Eminence Kappalite 3012LF These should all work into 75 litres - may be better to port the enclosure. Most units are 8 ohms. Is there any advantage or otherwise of using a 4 ohm unit? Andy
  10. [quote name='LawrenceH' timestamp='1339717655' post='1693404'] what sort of sound do you like, especially with regard to midrange and treble? - clean, but with some sustain, especially on double bass. what are you going to power the cab with and how loud does it need to get? - eventually tube preamp (I build them) into solid state or digital amp. I have a UcD400 module You say small venues, how many people and how big is the band (and how prominent is the bass)? - I freelance, would be a 4/5 piece + vocals. Typical room 40x30ft, sometimes smaller, sometimes bigger. Bass should match an acoustic drumset in volume. What is the electric bass you'll be playing through it? - WAL fretless Also what is your budget? - I could pay up to £200 for a unit if it was worth it. [/quote]
  11. Hi guys - New project here. I'm getting older and want a really light bass cab. I have a 75 litre sealed cabinet which presently houses an old Eminence 15". I can unscrew the front, so could make a front for a single 12" if that were necessary. I play double bass and b-gtr, jazz and fusion, small venues. So thinking of a Neo unit. 15" if the cab size would take it, otherwise 12". I've been looking at: Eminence Basslite Celestion Green Label Celestion Orange Label Sica These seem the value ones. Celestion BN15-300x is the lowest VAS in the 15" ones at 98. Most of the others are around 150. VAS for the 12" units would be around 60. So that's for starters! Can anybody recommend a Neo 12" or 15" from experience? I could port the cabinet - open to that. andy
  12. I carry a bottle of methylated spirits about with me and regularly dip my fingers into it before gigs. seems to toughen the skin. andy
  13. Can I ask why you didn't like them? I'm using Super SIlvers and love them. They're the medium tension version. Andy
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