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  1. I've played this bass, and it is absolutely stunning. Whoever buys it will be very happy indeed!!
  2. wilko_66


    This is stunning, are there any recordings/videos?
  3. SOLD!! I bought this on here just before summer on a bit of a whim. I absolutely love it in a lot of ways but it isn't loud enough to gig with so has been confined to rehearsals and home practice. Asking what I paid for it which I think is fair as I will include postage to the UK. Comes with a cool little carry case to sling it over your shoulder, and the kettle lead it was provided to me with. Does have some scratches to the top, but all superficial and not super obvious. Spec from Ashdown website: The Ashdown CTM-15 tube bass amplifier head is all about big valve tone in a tiny package that's perfect for recording but just bold enough for small gigs. Low power, big soundPlug in and lay down a few bass lines through the Ashdown CTM-15 tube amp, and you won't be the first to wonder "Wow, is that really only 15 watts?". CTM-15 delivers deceptively large tones from its dual EL84 power stage, and it's low wattage means its easier to get red-blooded overdrive by driving it hard – all without shaking the foundations. Whether the session needs big fat clean tones or growling, overdriven bass, the CTM-15 has you covered.Find the sweet spot fast with the VU meter displayLike all similarly equipped Ashdown's, the CTM-15's analogue VU meter isn't just there for show. Giving an instant accurate display of your power amp's output the CTM-15's VU meter let's you quickly find your amps sweet spot – where the magic really happens.Ready to rockWith 4 and 8 ohm speaker outputs, the CTM-15 is ready to plug into your bass cab and rock. The CTM-15 also comes with a custom fit gig bag, making it easy to transport safely to every session
  4. SOLD!!!! I've finally decided that enough is enough and am selling this bass. I received it in a trade 2 years ago and have used it literally only once since. There's nothing wrong with it, I just prefer my Sei, so it is time to move it on for someone else to enjoy so that I can buy some other stuff. I believe it was bought new in 2011, and from the look of it has received very little use before I took ownership. No dings that I can see, only a light bit of plectrum wear on the pick guard. There is a blemish in the lacquer that I have tried to get a picture of that looks like bubbles underneath it. Feels fine to the touch though so not sure what it is. The case is another story and appears to have taken a knock at some point damaging one of the corners. Still seems really sturdy and sufficient for general carting around, but if you beat guitars up, a replacement might be necessary. This is the deluxe so has the 3 band active circuit with a passive switch and passive tone knob also. This was after Fender started putting graphite reinforcements in the necks on their 5 strings, so the B string is lovely. Weight is a little over 4kg's I would say, although haven't had a chance to weigh it so will do so as soon as I can. Ash body, maple neck as per pictures. I'm based in Buckinghamshire, people are more than welcome to come try it out if desired. Collection preferred, happy to deliver myself within a reasonable distance at cost of petrol, or delivery can be arranged for further afield. Not sure how much shipping would be, but I imagine fairly similar to every other bass that gets shipped on here.
  5. Sean bought a pedal from me. Communication was quick and easy, payment was made very promptly, and he let me know it had arrived safe and sound. An absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks Sean!
  6. Dan bought a pedal from me. Communication was quick throughout, as was payment. An absolute pleasure to deal with. Thanks Dan!
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