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Dep bass player for Concert Band Glasgow 3rd December (reader, unpaid)


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Hi there,


For reasons outside my control (work grrr), it looks like I won’t make this season’s concert for my concert band on 3rd December southside Glasgow. There are 4 rehearsals left for a varied program that does contain some Christmas stuff, but also musicals, film scores etc.  Some pieces require reading Tuba parts (written an octave too low) but most pieces are proper String Bass parts.  Reasonable standard of reading required, and ability to follow conductor etc, can be played on 4 string bass, but amplified EUB or DB would also work.  No money available (sorry) as the band is a charity. 
PM for more details.

Thanks, Ralph. 

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Clarification re Tuba parts.
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It's surprising how many ads for bassists don't mention money... Bassists deserve to be paid and not treated as 'extras'... don't they..?

I see this is charity work and am glad to see this so explicitly,


Best wishes for your search, appicha 

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Sorry guys, there is a whole subset of amateur bass players that don’t get paid.  In fact, you could say I’m paying to play as the Concert Band (a charity) has an annual subscription.  I think you will find that a lot of orchestras and concert bands are like this. 

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