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Pedal board faliure

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Hi all,


before I start pulling stuff apart I thought I would sound you guys out, I have a PCB60 pedal board running a full line of Boss pedals, Tuner, Bass Overdrive, Compressor / sustainer, Chorus, Flanger and Digital delay, part way through my rehearsal today the sound started coming and going in approx 10 second loops, full volume decreasing to nothing and back around...all the pedals were off so it was not an effect that was causing it...my 1st thought was the batteries in the bass, swapped to a Precision, no change, 2nd though was power supply to the board...swapped to a spare, still the same issue, both leads into and out of the board swapped, output a/b both tried and direct into the amp confirmed the amp was functioning correctly..so the fault lies withing the board, I can't see it being a patch lead as they either work or they don't, I doubt it is a single power lead to a pedal, again they either work or they don't but I wouldn't have thought it would be a pedal as with everything switched off they should be bypassed?


Any ideas before I start tearing the board apart again and testing pedals individually.....and finally to confirm, everything behaved as good as gold last time I used it!




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5 hours ago, cheddatom said:

I had a very similar problem with my mate the other day. After testing everything we think it might have been the Boss Tuner TU-2. I'd be interested to find out if yours is the same

So far it looks like it may be the flanger, I took pedals out in order until I got to the flanger, took that out and the problem went away.....put a battery in the flanger and put it back in the board (still connected to the power supply) and everything seems fine now, I have come across pedals before that want a battery in place even though they are hooked up to a power supply....I will see what happens over the coming days!

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