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Laney Nexus Tube -£400
Hemel Hempstead


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Need to clear some space tragically, so this has to go. 


Absolutely mint Laney Nexus Valve head. 400 watts via either Valve or FET (or mix the two). These are fantastic versatile heads and go under the radar a bit in terms of the big valve heads. 


As mentioned, the head is pretty much as new with one tiny scuff which I have pictured. This was caused by the amp resting on the footswitch in the original box. The footswitch took the brunt of it and is a bit squashed, but still works fine. I still have the box and manual.


head has a Rocksolid cover.


Head £400 


Pick up only thanks for obvious reasons.









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Cab sold
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13 hours ago, stewblack said:

Man I'd love this. But with two tube heads already (and numerous other amps) I just can not justify it.



I keep looking at this, but like you @stewblack, I already have too many amps...


It does like like an absolute beast though - albeit a very versatile one, judging from the online sound clips out there. 


Anyway, GLWTS 😊

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This is basically a Mesa Boogie Strategy Eight:88 in a different enclosure. Same valve set up and approximate wattage. 


If I wasn't on a quest for the absolute lightest rig available I'd be sorely tempted...


£400 for this calibur of head is a steal. Do not let the name 'Laney' put you off. When they make good gear they make bloody good gear and this is an example of that!

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