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Acoustic mini bass: Taylor/Guild/Ibanez/Cordoba????


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I've been vaguely thinking about getting a mini acoustic bass (NOT a U-Bass, got one already!!) since trying the Taylor GS Mini a few years ago, but I'm now playing in sessions where one would actually be useful. I really liked the Taylor, but for the amount I'd play it it's not worth paying that much, but any of the other using those D'Addario strings would be viable:

  • Cordoba EB-E
  • Cordoba MH-E
  • Guild Jumbo Junior
  • Ibanez PNB14E
  • Anything I've missed?

Times being what they are, I'd have to buy whichever I go for without trying it first :(


Any thoughts? Any links to comparisons, I've found one or two but not very much, a five way comparison would be brilliant? My current thinking based on the few reviews I've seen is the Cordoba EB-E. Definitely looking for something that's playable unplugged, even if I'm the only one who can hear myself :D (I played my much loved Ovation in various folk bands for many years, so I'm very used to that.) 


P.S. A couple of years ago I modded a solid bodied electric guitar to take these strings, with a piezo saddle of course, great fun! I know not everyone gets on with them, but they seem to suit me.





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Orangewood made a mini acoustic bass called the Oliver Jr that was very good - loud, easy to play, decent pickup, and it was cheap in comparison to some of the others ($350 US).


I think they've stopped making them now, but it might be worth looking for a used one out there or contacting Orangewood to see if they might still have some in stock somewhere. 



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As you have a u-bass what are you hoping for a mini (but bigger than a u-bass) acoustic bass to achieve?


I have a Kala u-bass and was getting a little frustrated at the Pahoehoe strings not staying in tune well, and I'd had similar results with silicone and thundergut strings when I owned a pair of Ashborys. I bought a set of Kala flatwounds by Galli strings https://kalabrand.com/products/ka-bass-4fw from Mike Upton at the LBGS a few years ago and had the nut adjusted by Martin at the Gallery and since then the u-bass now does exactly what I'd hope for an acoustic bass to do whilst staying in tune. In fact it did it so well I ended up selling my rather lovely tanglewood rosewood reserve acoustic bass.


 The Kala/galli flats have a nylon core with chrome/steel wrap. I really like their feel and the warm & thumpy tone which is more focussed than other u-bass strings.

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Good question Jean-Luc! On my acoustic U-bass I'm using the Pyramid wire wound strings, and I do like them. Just looking for a little more "oomph" from the body :) 


Hi Russ, thanks for the heads-up, doesn't look like the Orangewoods have made it over to this side of the pond but another one to look at if one does appear... 

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