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I'm going through a little spell of bad luck..


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Well after my debacle with the Zoom B1four packing up recently, I have experienced a slight mishap today, whilst recording something today ,my take on (Strange town ) I got carried away and the Focusrite 2i2 2nd gen I was using to record with was dragged off of my recoding bench onto a carpeted floor. So after quickly re plugging into my PC using the USB cable nothing happened, no power going to the Focusrite .Oh no i thought ,I haven't knackered this up as well I thought .Anyway after some deliberation I decided to give Focusrite a call, and I can honestly say their customer service was second to none, it was 5.30 pm this evening and they answered the Phone,i told the customer service guy Andy what had happened and he immediately pointed me in the right direction as to why i was not seeing any power going into the unit .He went on to say that the problem lied with the actual USB plug in the machine which was damaged during the drop, a common occurrence he alluded, and he ordered me a new plug FOC there and then ,Now I'm not one for doing reviews but i can say with all honesty that this chap was great with me, so with that in mind I'm giving  Andy and Focusrite 5 stars for customer service. Well done chaps, I will report back back if and when the thing is fixed.

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