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Bow swap?


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Hi Guys


I have a lovely Claude Marchand French bow I got from Thomas Martin…. It’s getting some TLC and re-haired at a trusted luthier’s….


I have been diagnosed with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and finding it almost impossible to hold my French bow for more than 5 minutes…. It is what it is…. I’m getting treatment etc. But it’s gonna be a long process.


I was wondering if anyone would be up for a swap for a German bow of similar quality? Or if this the wrong forum point me in the right direction.


Many many thanks






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You poor sod.  Awful thing. My wife has it, but it comes and goes. At her worst she'd struggle to sit on a bass stool for 5 min, let alone lift a bow, so you're doing ok.  6 months time you may be right as reign ... then 6 months later knackered again. It's stinky poo basically.


Anyway ... Would a German bow be easier?  Bit less weight on your arm, but more push and pull and harder to push down on the strings.  Did you try German hold on the French bow as a test? ( my bass was with Tim Batchelar for some mods last week, he was playing my bass with my French bow, but holding it German style).  Also, did you ask Martin's if they'd do you a swap?  I see they do the same bow in German.


Buy a cheapy German one and keep the nice French one for when you're better maybe?


Not much help I'm afraid, just being sympathetic.

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