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NS Design WAV5 bridge problem

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Hi All, just bought a lovely WAV5 Radius bass from a well known guitar shop.  The previous owner has totally destroyed one of the piezo bridge adjuster pillars, meaning it can’t be adjusted.  It doesn’t appear that easy to get the part, anyone know where to get a small brass part made?


They will obviously take the bass back but I would prefer to keep it.




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Surely if you go high enough up the chain at NS they will have one for you?


Failing that, it would be way easier to braze it to fill in that knackered Allen key hole with brass and cut a screwdriver slot, rather than make a new one from scratch. I'd be looking for a scale steam enthusiast.

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Best would be try for spares from the manufacturer.


As other NZ poster suggested, try your local model shop for someone with a small lathe who can turn you up some new ones.

A harder type of brass or bronze would be better.


A cheap fix would be to clean and degrease the holes, fill with metal loaded epoxy (Epoxy Steel etc. from eBay) then cut and file screwdriver slots.

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19 minutes ago, vmaxblues said:

I know the size, it is clearly marked in the instruction manual, the trouble is these are very delicate being made of brass, and the previous owner obviously jammed in several different keys and buggered it!

Some people do not deserve nice things!

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