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Sold - Barefaced Two 10
Sale, South Manchester

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For sale (no trades thanks).  My brilliant Barefaced Two 10 cab with cloth grille and Barefaced cover.

Small, light, and seriously loud.  Never been pushed (I doubt the good folk at the Dog & Doris would appreciate me getting anywhere near full beans through this cab!).   

I've used it with a variety of amps (currently an Ashdown Rootmaster 500), it sounds sweet with all of them and puts out stupid amounts of volume.  Barefaced reckon it can replace a 4x10 and you can see why. Can be used portrait or landscape  - I've found it excellent vertically on small stages for hearing myself even when standing right next to it - really good off-axis dispersion.

Weight 13kg.  
Dimensions 38cm 61cm 33cm
Broadband sensitivity 98dB
Power Handling 400W
Max Output ~125dB
Frequency Range 30Hz - 6kHz
Impedance 4 Ohms

This is the non-switchable early model and has suffered from the dreaded 'tolex peel' on the back which means that it isn't a looker from the back.  I have the Barefaced glue that is included with the sale.  I've tried to use it once and it didn't do much to be fair, so I've gone for the old faithful gaffa tape solution.  The price reflects the condition of the tolex. The handle is in tip-top condition! All feet present and correct.

Collection from Sale, South Manchester, M33. Or I can meet halfway within reasonable distance.  If you want it shipped then It's at your own risk and arrangement.  I don't have packaging so I'd really rather not.









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14 hours ago, mep said:

Nice one. I have had the same experience with the glue and now use gaffe tape. Great sounding cab though.

Cheers! It's not the prettiest from the back, but only the drummer sees that side!

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