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Orange Terror bass effects loop


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So I have an Orange Terror bass 500 mk2. I plugged a preamp into the return of the effects loop to bypass the Preamp. The master volume no longer works. I used to own a Terror bass Mk1 and was sure the mastr volume still worked when using the effects loop that way. 

Cany anyone confirm if they changed the master volume and how it works on the Mk2?


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6 hours ago, Downunderwonder said:

If you crank up your preamp output does it get LAF? There's your answer.

If I go into the effects return nothing on the front of the amp works. Am sure the master volume still did on the MK1 terror but on the MK2 it makes no difference. Got the fright of my life last night when I plugged it in.

I did read through an old thread I started where someone gave me the idea to originally do this. They suggested the master volume on the MK1 would still work and from memory it did. 

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6 hours ago, James Nada said:

Do you need to plug a dummy jack into the effects send to switch the loop on?

No, I'm plugging into m sansamp then it goes direct into the return of the effects loop. It bypasses the preamp. On the Terror 1 the master volume used to work. 

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34 minutes ago, agedhorse said:

Have you looked at the owner’s manual to see how it’s supposed to work?

Yeah. It doesn't say. I tried looking for diagrams but all I turned up were the MK1. 

Would there be any reason for making a change like this?

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14 hours ago, Downunderwonder said:

What is the utility in defeating the Master Vol?

I got a reply from Orange saying to think of it as protection for the backend of my amp. Not sure why having the output 100% is protection. The also used the term sacrificed when taking about the changes. Lol. 

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