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  1. Awesome. I knew about half rounds but didn't know the groundwound term. 😊 Have ordered a set so looking forward to A-B them against a set of Rotosounds that are on their way. Cheers again for the help and to Pow_22
  2. Thought I'd replied to this but I don't see my reply. Took a while to find a pic but it looks like them. Thanks. Do you guys mean roundwound and it's a typo or is there actually a range called groundwound and I'm missing something? lol. If they are those ones then they're stainless steel aren't they? If so it explains why I like the sound so much.
  3. Not got much to go on but I heard a bass and want to try the strings that were on it on mine. They had red thread at the bottom and what looked like blue thread at the headstock end. An idea what brand these are? Sorry for the vagueness. 🤣
  4. Some of the images aren't displaying. Not sure if Basschat has a limit to the amount that can be seen but they're all here: https://jpegbay.com/gallery/007960919-1.html#1
  5. Hi there Have decided to sell me Bass amp and go for something smaller. It truly is the best bass head I've used but I don't play nearly as much as I did when I got it and not the size of venues either. The clean channel is superb. Gives you a nice clean tone, you can go from fat to sharp and anywhere in between. You can also pull on the treble and bass knobs and they pop out. This allows you to switch the frequency of the knob and get a different sound. Go over to the drive channel and things get interesting. This channel is active past the midway of the Treble, middle and bass knobs (There's a little indent you feel when turning them to let you know when you hit the active part). This means you can boost them past the natural register and get a bunch more tones. You also have the push/pull knobs on the treble and bass like channel 1. There's also a mid frequency knob to allow you to tailor exactly what frequency you want to alter. There's a gain for the amount of overdrive you want which can get crazy if you go to 10. With the gain knob there's a blend where you can balance how much of the clean signal gets mixed with the overdriven one so you don't lose any low end if you worry about that. Personally having the blend at 10 I think is the best and I think it sounds great in the mix. The cab is punchy with lots of bass and treble on tap for when you want it. I've had it serviced just before lockdown and also put in a full re-valve. So this amp has had a full set (Preamp and power valves) of JJ's. It sounds amazing and fresh! It's had maybe a couple of hours use since then. The head comes with both a "Hot Covers" padded cover for the head and a "Matt Snowball" flight case while the can has a Hot covers padded cover. You'll see the flight case is sprayed and has a tour plaque from "Bombay Bicycle Club". This was because I bought the head and case from them. Ed and the guys were selling some gear when they went on hiatus a couple of years ago to do solo and side projects. There's also a Boss pedal included for switching channels. This head really does it all. The output ohm of the head can be switched so if you have an 8, 4 or 2 ohm cab you can just switch the head to match and get the full output. There's a cracking DI where you can go pre or post with it and in has it's own volume control. There's an output for a tuner and an effects loop. The best bit is this amp is self biasing. This means every time you turn it on it checks the 6 output valves to make sure they're working. If there's any issues it will show you and tell you which valve is at fault. You can also set the bias on the fly so inbetween songs you could just decide to run the head hotter getting a breakup at a lower volume or earlier. Just press the up or down button on the bias control and it's done. The self bias also means if a valve fails it will compensate and run at a lower volume so you can get through the gig. Just pop the volume up to match what it was and you can carry on. You can change the valves yourself without having to take it to a tech to bias. So if you have spares at a gig, just change them there and then! The head is in great condition. It's been well looked after by me and by Bombay Bicycle Club. I've owned the cab from new and that is also in fantastic condition. No rips or nick in either of them. Pics are of the actual head and cab for sale. There's ones from when I originally was going to sell just the head but I've taken more today with the cab. I'll try and get better ones. Here's the spec from Fender: One of the most powerful and versatile bass amps Fender has ever created, the Super Bassman is a stadium-level 300-watt tube head designed for the biggest shows and the largest stages, with enormous Fender bass sound and sparkling vintage Fender looks. Perfect for stage and studio alike, its dual-channel design uses modern technology to maximize classic technology, with classic Fender late-'60s/early-'70s "blackface" styling and a wealth of innovative features on the front and rear panels. Features include a tube preamp (two 12AX7s) and power amp (one 12AX7, one 12AT7, six 6550s); Vintage channel that delivers the full, warm sound of a classic Fender passive tone stack; Overdrive channel that delivers the aggressive and responsive sound of a modern active tone stack (choose between channels with included footswitch); rear-panel Fender Automatic Bias system that constantly monitors and re-biases tubes for perfect performance and alerts you when service is required; Speaker Output switch that can be set to "Mute" to turn speaker off and record silently using preamp tone from the XLR output; Impedance switch (8, 4 or 2 ohms) and master volume control with push/pull mute. FENDER SUPER BASSMAN HEAD FEATURES: Model Name: Super Bassman® Series: Bassman® PRO Amplifier Type: Tube -Electronics: Effects Loop: PreAmp Out / Power Amp In Inputs: Two Line Out: XLR (Pre/Post) w/ Level and Ground Lift Speaker Jack: Yes Channels: 2 - Vintage, Overdrive (footswitchable) Rectifier: Solid State Rectifier Controls: Vintage - VOL, BASS (pull DEEP), MID, TREBLE (pull BRIGHT); Overdrive - GAIN, BLEND, VOL, BASS (pull DEEP), MID FREQ, MID LVL, TREBLE (pull BRIGHT); MASTER (pull MUTE) -Hardware: Hardware Finish: Nickel Corners (Notched) Cabinet Material: Plywood Pilot Light Jewel: Yes Handle: Spring Loaded Handles Front Panel: Metal, Painted Frequency Response: 820k (INPUT 1), 136k (INPUT 2), 43k (PWR AMP IN) Output Impedance: 220 ohm (PREAMP OUT) Sensitivity: 12mVrms (INPUT 1), 1Vrms (PWR AMP IN) @ 100Hz Signal To Noise Ratio: 95dB (Power amp), 46dB (Preamp) Amplifier Depth: 13.5" (34.3 cm) Amplifier Width: 24.5" (62.2 cm) Amplifier Height: 10" (25.4 cm) Amplifier Weight: 65 lbs. (29.48 kg) -Speakers: Impedance: Selectable 8, 4, or 2 Ohms -Tubes: Pre Amp Tubes: 2x12AX7; 1x12AX7 1x12AT7 (Power Amp) Power Tubes: 6 X 6550 -Miscellaneous: Unique Features: Speaker Output 'Mute' for silent recording and Fender Automatic Bias for output tube monitoring/adjustment -Accessories: Knobs: Black (w/ Chrome Insert), w/ 1-10, Set Screw Fender's Bassman 410 Neo cabinet delivers the full, tight and punchy bass sound you'd expect from a 4x10" enclosure, and does it with sparkling vintage Fender looks and a remarkably lightweight design. Features include four 10" Eminence® U.S.A. neodymium-magnet speakers, compression driver horn with attenuator, lightweight plywood enclosure with classic late-'60s/early-'70s Fender "blackface" styling and Speakon connectors, removable casters and spring-loaded heavy-duty handles for easier transport. Rated at 1,000 watts program (500 watts continuous) at 8 ohms. FENDER BASSMAN 410 NEO CABINET FEATURES: Model Name: Bassman® 410 Neo Series: Bassman® PRO -Electronics: Inputs: Two 1/4" and One Speakon Power Handling: 1000 watts (Program), 500 watts (Continuous) Handling Capability Horn Tweeter: Compression Driver Horn Tweeter with 8 oz. Magnet Controls: High Frequency Horn Attenuation -Hardware: Hardware Finish: Nickel Plated Steel Corners Cabinet Material: Lightweight Plywood Handle: Side-Mounted Steel Flip Handles Frequency Response: 40 Hz - 15 kHz Amplifier Depth: 16.25" (41.3 cm) Amplifier Width: 26" (66 cm) Amplifier Height: 24.5" (62.2 cm) Amplifier Weight: Under 55 lbs. -Speakers: Speaker: (4) Fender® Special Design Eminence® Neodymium 10" speakers and a compression driver horn Impedance: 8 Ohms -Accessories: Casters: Removable 2" Diameter Swivel Casters Knobs: Black Plastic An questions, just ask. I am looking for cash but if you have something to trade you can get in touch. £1650 ONO. Collection only, I'm in Dundee but could travel a little to meet somewhere. Thanks, G.
  6. Aw, lol. Nah, bought it from someone in England and shipped it to Scotand then Tonci which I don't remember where exactly he was.
  7. That would be Tonci if I remember right? Wel it's gone from Mexico to UK to Europe so that's better than most 😄
  8. Ha ha. No worries. If it's the one in the pics then yeah it's my old one. I took those when I sold it on here, must be 6-7 years ago. Cool to see it again 😊
  9. This may be my old bass as it's my pictures.
  10. Thanks. Long wait though. New stocks won't be shipping until 19th Dec. So hopefully this year, lol.
  11. Well I ended up not going for this bass. It was between this and the 60th anniversary and the 60th just won it for me. I would dearly love to have both but alas it was one or the other. If I win the lottery though I shall be posting my pruchase here, lol.
  12. For me it has to be Pau Ferro boards. It's the feel of them, too porous. If it's got one on then it's a no go for me. I also don't really dig Rosewood that's too light. I like it to look dark, almost ebony but that's a dislike not a deal breaker. Deal breaker is 100% Pau Ferro. Not a huge fan of the black binding on a maple board or black block inlays on it either, though I am considering a bass with that at the moment. Headstock shapes do put me off and that extends to guitars as well. Lastly and I can't stress this enough, a Khaler trem on a bass.
  13. That would be awesome but sadly it isn't the case. Would love to see how a black control plate would look on it too.
  14. Nice. If I get the bass and go down the route of a clear guard I will 100% be using him. If I remember I actually got him to make me a cover for the battery compartment on a Mex deluxe. I traced it and made a vector file and sent it to him. Think he also did my control cover on my [email protected] Bass.
  15. Yeah, I spoke to him prviously about doing soemthing for me that I ended up not going down that route. Seemed a nice guy to speak with. Only problem was that he could do what I wanted but not the the finish I wanted as he didn't stock it. He does Japan guards but not in clear. Suppose if he has clear in other he can do but may ask him first before going anywhere else.
  16. Gotcha. No worries. Looks like it fits well but if it's not an exact match then I'll maybe order the one I was looking at. Good to know from your pics that it's like that under the guard. I may very well opt for a sans-guard look like I did on my Geddy a while ago.
  17. Where did you get the clear pickguard from to fit it? I was looking and if yours fits then I may order the same. Oh, I love them both. It's just which to get. It's a 40th present so I'm unsure which to go with. Either way it won't be getting passed on later down the line (that I know of, lol).
  18. I tried the bass out on Sat. Loved it. Still trying to decide between this and the 60th anniversary one. So at the moment I have it put aside. I'm to go in on the 5th and either walk away with the paisley or order the 60th. Decisions...
  19. Yeah, there is a video on Youtube of him telling that story. Amazing! My local store have a delivery date of 27th this month for the Strat and Jazz Bass. Honestly can't wait.
  20. Me too. I'll be either getting a matching paisley guard or a transparent one with a black bloom around the pickup to hide thr route. Might even go sans guard if the route is decent.
  21. Nah but I know the one you mean, has a bit of red in it too doesn't it? The one I have is a black Pasiley that Fender did about 8-9 years ago. Basically this one though I've replaced the bridge with a vintage style and put vintage style Seymours in it https://reverb.com/p/fender-fsr-black-paisley-telecaster-black-paisley-2012
  22. I got offered one. The guy at the shop is a friend and knows I love paisley, plus I told him that if ever they release another paisley bass let me know. Am getting first refusal but I'll probably take it, lol. They're getting the strat in too. Think it's arriving at the shop around the 28th July. I have a Fender black paisley tele already so this will be a nice match for it. Agree though, it would look nicer with a matching pasiley pickguard. Even a transparent one with the little black bloom around the neck pickup the hide the route would do.
  23. Hi all. Have a quick question. I have a Japan 62 reissue from 2012. It has the normal Jazz bass pickups. I want to fit a Precision pickup in the neck position so I need another pickguard. My question is would an Aerodyne pickguard fit? The reason I ask is I need a mirror pickguard and the only place I've found that will do a JB pickguard with a P pickup in mirror only does an aerodyne one. Does anyone know? Thanks for any replies. G.
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