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  1. I sometimes come across this type of issue. When I do it's nearly always gain related. As in I have it set very high. In the videos can you see what their gain is set at on both the pedal and amp? Was the bass/es particularly high output ones? All that can create that sort of issue.
  2. I'm still waiting to hear what model it is. So far zip. Doesn't look promising.
  3. That's some awesome info on there. I can tell from that the bass was made from at least 2004 due to the dots not being in the SUB. Thanks.
  4. From what I can see it looks to be in decent condition. The headstock still has the front painted but it a little chipped at the edges. Apart from that it looks great from the photos. It's got 3 controls on it so I'll email asking if it's the passive or 2 band version. In Gunmetal and comes with what looks like a very nice hardcase too.
  5. Thanks. I thought as much. The seller was saying they bought it like this and didn't know. Wasn't sure if there was a later run that came like that. Do you reckon 300 is fair considering this has been done?
  6. Have the option to buy one of these. I owned one a while ago and loved it. It's the USA model that had the metal pickguard, no body contours and the plastic type finish. I've searched but I can't find an answer to the following. I remember these basses having a painted headstock and neck. This one appears to have a painted headstock but natural finish on the neck. It still has the logo sticker with the serial number at the top. Did the USA ones ever come with an unpainted neck? I looked and all the photos I dig up online appear to have it painted.
  7. This is awesome. Thanks Mine measures as follows: E: 3mm, A: 2.25mm, D: 2mm, G:2mm Neck pickup: E: 3mm, A: 4.8mm, 😧 5mm, G - 3mm Bridge pickup: E: 2.25mm, A: 3.25mm, 😧 2.75mm, G - 1.75mm My bridge pickup has a weaker output the the neck so it's closer. Pics attached
  8. This ^^^ I've got it kinda setup so it's less noticeable. Is 3.5mm at the 17th on the E with 2.3mm on the A & D high or is it acceptable? I mean I can play it and I don't have an issue but just curious if this is in the realms of normality. Pickup dips a little towards the E.
  9. I should add I've tried a Fender Hi mass bridge, Hipshot Kickass and it currently has a USA vintage reissue one on. I've ordered some Rotosounds just in case it's the brand of string but I doubt it, Ernie Balls are fine on all my other basses. Another trick I tried was to get my effects pedal out and set it to the bypass tuner setting when setting my bass up, just so I could check the volume differences.
  10. Yeah. It's really noticeable. Have tried new strings (these ones have been on just about a week now). Followed the Fender setup guide to the T in order. The EQ on my amp is normally flat. In fact the one at rehearsal as an EQ you can bypass which I normally do. I would normally agree about pickup height but how do you compensate when it's the two outer strings that are the loudest? I've even tried putting the pickup way down and raising it bit by bit, just in case there is a sweet spot there somewhere. Are your Jazzes vintage radius or modern?
  11. This was what I was thinking. I have these magnets and could try. The washer I'd be concerned about as it's not magnetic and I'd want to know if that would be an issue. As for the Neo's, I could easily try that but I never thought about it changing the sound being a different type of magnet. I'll give it a try at next rehearsal and let you know (Bass amp is in for repair).
  12. Yeah. I've tired the Dimarzios but with the magnet bar on the bottom they're too tall. Shim in the neck works but then the trench guide on the high mass saddle is pointless. Plus the Dimarzios didn't have that Jazz sound. I couldn't see any off the shelf Jazz pickups that Fender sell that had this though I do know they had them on the American Jazzes at some point. They did have a pickup with adjustable poles but the only time I've seen it is in the bridge position of the American Jaguar.
  13. Interesting. Does the washer not need to be magnetised also? I think I have some Neo magnets around the same width as the poles, would these work?
  14. So I've Googled this to death and it's driving me nuts. I have a 62 reissue Japan Jazz Bass with a vintage style bridge. It has a 7.25 radius and flat Jazz Bass pickups. So naturally the A & D are further away from the pickups than the E & G so the E & G produce more volume. Using Fenders guide I have it set with .35mm relief on the neck (cappo'd at the first fret and held down at the last with being measured under the 8th fret), 2.4mm height on the bass side at the 17th fret and 2 at the treble side. Having it arc the same as the fret board there's 2mm more distance between the A & D than the E & G. So no wonder it's louder. Like I said I've googled it and tried to find a way to fix this. The only one I can get to work is lowering the middle two strings as low as I can without any issues and then raising the outer two until the volume normalises. I did this by ear and when I found the volume was about right I measured it and there was only about 5mm of a difference in height between the inner and outer strings. So who of you have a 7.25 Jazz bass with flat pickups without this issue? What setup do you have Relief (cappo'd like above), string height at the 17th fret, pickup height (Held down at the last fret), anything else? FYI my action is a tad over 4mm on both the E & G and around 2ish in the A & D when I get the volume balanced. I have tried other pickups (SJB3's which were too bright, Dimarzio Model J's were too tall and I'd need to shim the neck a lot), currently has Fender 74's in it. I'm looking for any help as I haven't found anything in my searches really. I love this bass and just hope there's a fix that's easy that I'm just not seeing. Thanks for any help.
  15. Would be interesting. Pete is the reason I play the bass. His basslines and tone were something I really loved.
  16. So http://petevuckovic.com/ has been updated. Not music but there's content now on what he's been doing.
  17. Dude, do you have a link to that? I'd love to check it out.
  18. He also played guitar for Gary Newman for a number of years too Not sure what happened to Paul Grant, he was playing with Pete but since that never went much further I dunno. Ben Harding was working in public relations.
  19. Still happening even after replacing the speaker and power cables. So I play for about 5 mins or so, maybe not even that and then the below happens. When I restart it the amp is fine and will run without issue. Seems to only be when you start it up from cold.
  20. Ah, ok. So bypassing the preamp would have the same effect really? If that's the case then it still happens. In fact the first time it happened was when I bypassed the preamp and went direct into the FX return.
  21. Totally man. I was actually only last night I found that site. I did a check on the wayback machine and it's new with this image and certainly looks hopeful that something is coming. I'm currently watching the live video you posted and man it takes me back. This was the second to last tour they did. I remember they came out to do the encore in Glasgow and Chris snapped a string, blamed Pete for it for some reason and they squared up to each other on stage. I honestly thought they were gonna go at it. I really do hope he's back with something. I'd even love it to be some solo stuff with him playing guitar. He was a great song writer as well as a kickass bass player. I'm so taking my Thunderbird to next practice.
  22. I saw that the company who filmed this had uploaded one track a month ago too. They did it with a split of two different gigs. One of them being this one so perhaps there's another full gig out there somewhere. Have you seen this that's not long popped up...? http://petevuckovic.com/ Could be that he's about to do something, hopefully. Especially since they just released the above gig. I do know he's been living in London with his girlfriend but as far as I know he hasn't done anything beyond the Basskniv3s EP.
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