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  1. So I have a 2004 Fender bass with the old style tuners. Hipshot say I need to BT4 which they don't make anymore due to the tuners not being made. So is there an alternate tuner I can install? Would a BT8 or BT12 be ok since they are the new syle Hipshot ones? I don't mind it not matching, just need it to work and fit. Thanks.
  2. Hi all. Looking to buy an amp head from Germany (The Fender Rumble 800HD) and wondered if I just replace the kettle lead would it be fine over here? From what I've read I think so but some people have said there could be an issue but the original poster didn't clarify the amp. Any one know if this specific amp head would be fine or not? Thanks.
  3. As old as I am, I'm not old enough to have owned a car with a choke. Lol. If you're suggesting it's something I'm doing then it's possible but it doesn't occur on any other bass that I play or setup. My conclusion is it might be the nut.
  4. I the pitchblack custom but I've had it for years. Doesn't look any different to the one that's out now, though I'm sure I got mine near release. 1 cent is the accuracy you're right. Is each bar 1 cent though? It seems the amount of bars isn't any more than most tuners. I've just tried it quickly with 2 snarks, both different models. They show it more or less fine up to the 2/3 frets where it's about by between 2 and 3 bars on the snark (Sharp).
  5. Yeah, I heard it at first which is why I initially checked it. I've got a gig tomorrow with a new band. So I'll check what it's out by and let you know.
  6. Interestig that someone else reports that. I'll check how sharp it is. What is each block on a tuner equal to? I mean I can say "x" amount of block but unless we know what each is equal to we won't know how many cents off it is I guess.
  7. I'm up in Scotland. I'll have it checked out again. The strings are new and TBH I don't normally play D'addario. So I may pick up a set of Ernie Balls for when I need to restring, just in case it's the strings.
  8. Cool. I'l check those a little latter today. My neck relief was measured cappoed at the first, held down on the last fret and checked at the 8th.
  9. Yeah, that's how I figured it might go. Do you think the spacing I mentioned on the first fret would suggest a high nut?
  10. It's all strings and the lower notes that are sharp. Anything above the 12th fret is flat.
  11. How do you measure the relief on your neck? I know there's a few different ways of doing it.
  12. I'd have to check but from memory it's all of them, some more so than others. I could do some measurements to see how much they are out by. I did also note that about the saddles. I could move them back and see if it intonates there. That said I'm running 105-45. Would that make a huge difference given the D & G would be thinner? On my P-bass it's more even as you'd expect but on that it's 105-50.
  13. I take it no one has come across this problem themselves then? Another bit of info to add is that I have D'addario 45-105's on the 60th and the stock strings on the standard (Am guessing Fender strings but not colour coded ball ends).
  14. I just used Catwhisker pickups to custom make a set of Jazz bass ones for me. Extremely helpful and got me exactly the tone I was after. He does rewinds too. I'd certainly send Allan a message and ask him. Pricing is very good too.
  15. Hi All. I have a question regarding the intonation on m Jazz Bass. I have a 60th anniversary one and it's been setup a few times. By me, then a local store and by me again. It seems the intnation is a little out and I'm really noticing it while practacing along via headphones to some songs. So I've set it up as per Fenders guide. Tuned to Open and also harmonic notes. Then fretted (pressure as per how I would play) on the 12th fret and it's bang on. Used a pitchblack custom stobe tuner to do so. When I check the note closer to the nut, the get sharp. Towards the bridge they're flat. I have another standard jazz bass I just got and checked that. This doesn't have that issue. I've taken measurements of both below. Relief: I've check under both the E & G strings, cappo on first fret, held down on the last fret and measured between the string and 8th fret. Standard Jazz .60mm / Anniversary .35mm Action: Checked at the 17th fret, unfretted. Standard 2.75mm on both bass & treble side / Anniversary 3mm oon the bass side and 2.5mm on the treble side. Height above 1st fret (Measured with a feeler gauge): Standard E=.65mm, A=.65mm, D=.75mm, G=.75mm / Anniversay E=.70mm, A=.70mm, D=.60mm, G=.55mm The standard is obviously not set to Fender specs and is 9.5" radius while the Anniversay is set to Fender specs albiet with the action a tad higher as I play with a pick and it's 7.25" radius. Is there anything here to anyone the would suggest why the anniversary when intonated open and fretted at the 12th would be sharp as it gets to the nut and flat as it gets to the bridge? Pictues of the respective bridges are attached. The one with the gold strip is the anniversary on. Any advice would be great.
  16. I got a reply from Orange saying to think of it as protection for the backend of my amp. Not sure why having the output 100% is protection. The also used the term sacrificed when taking about the changes. Lol.
  17. Yeah. It doesn't say. I tried looking for diagrams but all I turned up were the MK1. Would there be any reason for making a change like this?
  18. No, I'm plugging into m sansamp then it goes direct into the return of the effects loop. It bypasses the preamp. On the Terror 1 the master volume used to work.
  19. If I go into the effects return nothing on the front of the amp works. Am sure the master volume still did on the MK1 terror but on the MK2 it makes no difference. Got the fright of my life last night when I plugged it in. I did read through an old thread I started where someone gave me the idea to originally do this. They suggested the master volume on the MK1 would still work and from memory it did.
  20. So I have an Orange Terror bass 500 mk2. I plugged a preamp into the return of the effects loop to bypass the Preamp. The master volume no longer works. I used to own a Terror bass Mk1 and was sure the mastr volume still worked when using the effects loop that way. Cany anyone confirm if they changed the master volume and how it works on the Mk2? Thanks.
  21. So I think that rules it out for me. TBH I'd just switch between the sansamp channels for clean and overdrive along with the chorus for one or 2 songs. The addition of a compressor sounds nice. You sound like you felt the same way about the rig v1 as I did about the BDDI v1. I got the BDDI v2 thinking the mid control would make it amazing but that extra control just made it further away from the sound I loved.
  22. Let me know how you get on with it. I'd be interested in your thoughts.
  23. I was never planning to do it as I really think it's a bad idea. Just had never heard of it and wanted to know what others thought. It seems the vast majoirty think it's a very bad idea. Ernie Ball relented and sent me a set of strings. I didn't want cobalts again even though they sound so good. I've used them in the past without any issue, just this set. I may try them again down the road. Have to say though Ernie Ball UK, once they said they'd send a set, had them here the very next day.
  24. That'll be the one. Don't really use it much and was bought on a whim a few years back. No idea how it sounds through an amp but in headphones it sounded decent. I'll have a look at updating it, didn't even know you could on that one so that's cool. Might give it a test at next rehearsal and bypass the Terror heads preamp.
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