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Hosco - SOLD

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So I've been restoring my 82 JV Squier jazz back to its stock format, and decided to get one of these, vintage Spiral Saddled bridges as I got one on my P bass and it's great. I literally bought this brand new about 4 weeks ago, it got  sent to a tech, who as doing the stripping work and he fitted it.

When I got the bass back, the bridge is brilliant but it was too SHINY for my 39 year old, battle scarred bass😂

I've now bought  reliced Gotoh which is pretty much the same thing, but dirty!!

HOSCO are the distributor for Gotoh and I suspect, Hosco parts are made by Gotoh, as they are made in Japan (although the Hosco is a tad thicker and has a slightly bigger baseplate)

Anyway as new, although I don't have any screws for it (I suspect they ended up, in my techs spares drawer) steel baseplate, Brass saddles etc




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