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A few pedals for sale, all in full working order (prices include postage, buyer responsible for any paypal fees):

Pics below


1. Earthquaker Devices & Death By Audio Time Shadows in excellent condition - £275 Now £250

Extremely rare delay pedal (one of 1000 made). The effects are difficult to describe but according to EQD, the EQD side is a "pitch-morphed fuzz delay filter", the DBA side is "multi-delay filter remorphinator" and there is also a secret mode in between which is similar to an EQD Rainbow Machine.

2. Alexander Pedals Sky-FI reverb & delay pedal in very good condition (slight mark on front, pictured) - SOLD 

Versatile reverb & delay pedal with 3 modes Wash, Gleam & Echo. Can be used as a reverb, delay or both combined. Also include Hold function (to increase reverb or delay feedback depending on mode), trails and separate wet/dry outputs.

3. Smallsound/Bigsound Mini overdrive pedal in excellent condition - SOLD 

This pedal is extremely versatile and can go from slightly overdriven to fuzz and everything in between.

4. Ibanez DML 20 Modulation Delay III in excellent condition - WITHDRAWN

A very rare pedal, it is capable of Delay, Modulated Delay, Chorus, Flanger and lots of other experimental sounds.

5. Malekko Phase in excellent condition - £60 Now £50

Mini analog phaser pedal, includes internal trim pot which is a "color range selector"

6. Boss DD-20 Giga Delay in very good condition - £110 Now £100

Great multi delay pedal with 10 delay modes and looper, tap tempo and 4 memory locations.









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Super interested in Time Shadows.  Does it work well with bass, noting the lack of blend??

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10 hours ago, Kev said:

Super interested in Time Shadows.  Does it work well with bass, noting the lack of blend??

Just wondering the same, but see this vid about 6 minutes in


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... mixed with DI, I presume that’d be a clean DI signal? Or DI from the head with cab mic’d also?

Either way GLWTS 👍🏼

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It works well or less well with bass at different settings depending on the filter setting. It’s the same with guitar I’ve found (although at different settings). It’s a really cool pedal and both sides (plus secret mode) are useable. Wish I could keep it but I need the money for other things right now and it’s more of a luxury item.

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8 hours ago, toneknob said:

Just wondering the same, but see this vid about 6 minutes in


Holy moly that DBA side, much want...

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    • By Higgie
      Will be adding more to this list over the coming days, and pics are coming soon, but so far we have for sale:
      Original Digitech WH1 Whammy with Gigrig Whambo (nifty unit that allows you to daisy chain an 9vAC Whammy pedal to a 9vDC power supply) - £SOLD
      COG Knightfall - I have 2 of these up for sale, one is a 2012 v1, the other is a newer version. Not much difference to my ears, just slightly different labelling on yhe enclosure. £65 for the v1, £75 for the V2. V1 SOLD, V2 STILL AVAILABLE
      Analogman Mini Chorus with hardwired ‘deep’ mod. THE bass player’s Chorus pedal. In mint condition, with original box, dust bag, and manual etc. - £170 SOLD
      MSD Earthquaker Bass Wah - Pretty rare. Never seen another one for sale. The ULTIMATE Bass wah Pedal. Pressure activated or footswitchable to allow half open wah tones, three switchable frequency bands, and four switchable filter bandwidths give you 12 different wah settings, nailing anything from rock to funk. Add a fuzz pedal and channel your inner Timmy C/Cliff Burton! Mint condition - £200 SOLD
      Subdecay Quasar DLX V1 - The only Phaser you will ever need. Expression pedal input, tap tempo, loads of different wave shapes, plus your standard controls such frequency, depth, mix etc. Toggle switch between 4, 6 and 8 stages of analog phasery goodness! Mint condition save for the velcro on the bottom - £170 SOLD
      Marshall Drivemaster - Essentially a reboxing of the original Marshall Guv’nor without the TRS jack FX Loop. All those early RATM distortion sounds are in there. In excellent condition, but missing the battery door - £85
      GigRig Quartermaster QM4 - The original version, NOT the QMX4. Just 4 loops, on/off. Stick your tone sucking pedals in a loop, or multiple pedals in a loop to turn them all on/off at once. High quality relay switching. In excellent condition, I got this as part of a job lot of GigRig stuff and have actually never used it - £85
      Akai Headrush E2 Delay/Looper - Mint in Box. Loved the first one I had and regretted selling it, so I picked this one up. Haven't used it since I bought it on a whim and it's just sat here in its box. £55….SOLD
      Boss BF-2B Bass Flanger - The original bass flanger from the 80s! Sounds great, get your Phil Lynott on! Recently serviced - £60
      Xotic X-Blender - The original X-Blender! True Bypass loop with clean blend, and a 2 band EQ/Boost built in. Two footswitches, one to activate the loop, the other to switch between blended and 100% wet. Phase invert switch for pedals that invert the phase (some envelope filters do this making them hard to use with a clean blend). Good condition with manual and original box - £100
      Xotic Stereo X-Blender - Straight from the Xotic Custom Shop, and now discontinued! Like it's little brother, the Stereo X-Blender allows you to blend your clean signal with your effects. But where it differs is that you have 3 FX Loops. Two footswitchable loops with individual blend controls, and a third loop that is always active and with a fixed ratio of 50/50 dry/wet. All 3 loops have stereo returns, and run in parallel to each other! So you can run three pedals or groups of pedals on top of each other instead of into each other. Some really cool sounds to be had here! It's main outputs are also stereo. A real swiss army knife pedal with lots of potential for crazy sounds, signal routing, and general blending capabilities. I bought this brand new not long ago, and it saw a couple of gigs before my needs changed, and it went back in the box. Mint condition with the original box/manual etc. - £180 TRADED
      Atomic Echo Clone - Widely considered as one of, if not the, finest Analog Delay pedals in the world, the original Way Huge Aqua Puss (not any of the Dunlop made models) would regularly fetch $1000+ on eBay. When the original Way Huge went out of business, all the remaining parts were bought up and sold as the ‘Echo Clone’. Exactly the same pedal, just a different enclosure. From what I have read, there were only 50 of these ever produced - £340 SOLD
      Pics here: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1-5QjkCK7CubxdroLLM0cv-iJ4gE6hjlk
      Collection from NE London preferred, or local delivery is possible. Postage also possible, add £5 or £10 for the larger pedals.
    • By dave84
      This was the second song I learned to play a few years ago with the bass: this famous Muse song is not at all difficult to play but it requires a lot of concentration and stamina and many years it was really useful to me to learn to play octaves with bass!! 😅
      Here is my bass cover!
    • By adamg67
      Now Sold
      Ibanez SRC6 Crossover Bass VI
      This is Ibanez's take on the Bass VI, and they made a really good job of it, I know there are a few fans of these out there. Now discontinued, and there aren't loads of them about (I wouldn't go as far as calling it "Rare" like one seller on ebay, who is also currently asking £750 for one!)
      30" scale and normally tuned E-E. 10.8mm spacing at the bridge.
      Rosewood fingerboard, mahogony body, abalone oval fret markers, Cosmo black hardware, and this one has matching Schaller straplock buttons plus the original ones. Nice and light, 
      EMG 35HZ pickups plus active 3 band EQ, works really well for any style. Yes, it is good for metal but it has a really good clean tone as well and sounds good with anything in between. You really can make it sound like a proper bass, and like a guitar, or both at the same time if you have the skill.
      More info on the Ibanez wiki: https://ibanez.fandom.com/wiki/SRC6
      Quite a few reviews on YouTube, and there's a quick demo I did on soundcloud of how it sounds in a rocky baritone role: https://soundcloud.com/adamgx/src6-demo
      One small groove in the front and the finish is wearing above the pickups, the Ibanez "walnut flat" finish is bad for that, it's the same on the SR basses that use the same finish. I've made sure to show those minor things in one of the pics.
      It currently has the original Ibanez strings on it, they want changing for something better IMO. I have a brand new set of LaBella 767-6N Nickel Plated that I was planning to put on it and can sell with it.
      I don't have a case or gig bag for it, so I'm selling it collection only from BD20 / Skipton area, I'm usually able to drive a bit to meet up though. I also have a couple of trips to London coming up in the next few weeks, I can go down M6 or M1 way from here so there's a chance of a drop off / meet up between Yorkshire and London.
      Sorry the pics aren't amazing, I tried extra hard with them and they came out worse than usual, typical.
      Writing this has made me realise how much I really like this little thing, please don't buy it so I can keep it...

    • By tayste_2000
      The Diabolik fuzz pedal is based on the B:Assmaster circuit and while working with Justin on refining it’s signature sound, we tuned it specifically to allow more low end to pass through both the Clean and Fuzz channels. The result is a pedal that ranges from a subtle harmonic fuzz to extreme, mangled low end squash that’s perfect for bass and guitar alike.
      Bought recently for a great price on this forum and as such can't be making a profit on it, so my saving is your saving.
      Boxed with the sticker, mint condition. Velcro on the bottom.
      Shipping - £5

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