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SOLD!!!! Ibanez Premium Soft Case for Electric Bass

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Premium soft shell case for Ibanez basses, but will fit just about anything I reckon.
Zip has a little scuffing (see pic) but works just fine.
Size is approx. 125 x 40 x 15 and weighs in around 1.8kgs
Great case, just superfluous to my needs.

Price excludes shipping - ParcelForce 48 is about £15 - hence the price drop. But come and collect for the same price! 





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Tempted... I'm not a million miles away (Basildon). You likely to be aware in the general direction of Basildon at any point soon? 

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On 02/05/2021 at 10:28, binky_bass said:

Tempted... I'm not a million miles away (Basildon). You likely to be aware in the general direction of Basildon at any point soon? 


Sadly not. Well not that I am at all aware @binky_bass

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@binky_bass... I will actually be headed to Basildon for a rehearsal next Thursday (13th May) - just awaiting confirmation of which studio we are at.
Would that work for you?

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I'm pretty sure we can make that work! There's only one or two rehearsal rooms in Basildon that I know of and I'm pretty close to both of them! Let me know the details when you know and we'll get it worked out! 😁

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    • By Edenburgh
      Posting for my son who has inherited my bass habit.
      Over the past few months he has developed a hankering for a US Musicman Stingray but after forecastic his financial income (pocket money) realises he needs to do a 3-into-1 trade type arrangement.
      So ideally the following 3 basses would go in a single straight trade for a US Musicman Stingray (4 string, single pickup models only).
      We reckon the three basses would land at the price of a secondhand Stingray (£1350ish).   Details follow:
      Ibanez SR506 (£350) : usual SR series fast neck and a great way to get an affordable and easy playing six stringer.  Has a couple of small dings on edge of body but really clean otherwise.  No gig bag unfortunately.
      Status Energy (£500): Ash body and fitted with hipshot detuner (original tuner included). Also comes with a Hiscox Status branded case.    Bit of thumbnail grazing above the pickup but otherwise in great overall condition.
      Status The Groove (£500) : this is the bass that has given him the taste for a Stingray.   Awesome sounding bass from the triple coil pickup (I seem to recall one is a dummy coil?).   Excellent condition.  Includes generic gig bag.
      Soooo.....ideally the world would be nice and neat and someone out there is willing to part with a US 4 string single pickup Stingray in straight exchange for these three.    We realise the world often isn't that perfect but let's give it a shot....
      More pics available upon request.  Ideally meet up for trade (edinburgh and central belt) rather than trying to post.

    • By dave84
      This was the second song I learned to play a few years ago with the bass: this famous Muse song is not at all difficult to play but it requires a lot of concentration and stamina and many years it was really useful to me to learn to play octaves with bass!! 😅
      Here is my bass cover!
    • By adamg67
      Now Sold
      Ibanez SRC6 Crossover Bass VI
      This is Ibanez's take on the Bass VI, and they made a really good job of it, I know there are a few fans of these out there. Now discontinued, and there aren't loads of them about (I wouldn't go as far as calling it "Rare" like one seller on ebay, who is also currently asking £750 for one!)
      30" scale and normally tuned E-E. 10.8mm spacing at the bridge.
      Rosewood fingerboard, mahogony body, abalone oval fret markers, Cosmo black hardware, and this one has matching Schaller straplock buttons plus the original ones. Nice and light, 
      EMG 35HZ pickups plus active 3 band EQ, works really well for any style. Yes, it is good for metal but it has a really good clean tone as well and sounds good with anything in between. You really can make it sound like a proper bass, and like a guitar, or both at the same time if you have the skill.
      More info on the Ibanez wiki: https://ibanez.fandom.com/wiki/SRC6
      Quite a few reviews on YouTube, and there's a quick demo I did on soundcloud of how it sounds in a rocky baritone role: https://soundcloud.com/adamgx/src6-demo
      One small groove in the front and the finish is wearing above the pickups, the Ibanez "walnut flat" finish is bad for that, it's the same on the SR basses that use the same finish. I've made sure to show those minor things in one of the pics.
      It currently has the original Ibanez strings on it, they want changing for something better IMO. I have a brand new set of LaBella 767-6N Nickel Plated that I was planning to put on it and can sell with it.
      I don't have a case or gig bag for it, so I'm selling it collection only from BD20 / Skipton area, I'm usually able to drive a bit to meet up though. I also have a couple of trips to London coming up in the next few weeks, I can go down M6 or M1 way from here so there's a chance of a drop off / meet up between Yorkshire and London.
      Sorry the pics aren't amazing, I tried extra hard with them and they came out worse than usual, typical.
      Writing this has made me realise how much I really like this little thing, please don't buy it so I can keep it...

    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So today a new EMG Geezer Butler P pickup arrived with the mail service and I have just installed it, tested and adjusted it properly this evening.

      The old one from a P/J Geezer Butler set had developed an issue, from previously being dead quiet it suddenly begun to hum slightly when my skin was not being in contact with the bridge ground, and I tracked down the issue to being the lower pole piece of the pair under the D string.

      Whenever I touched that pole piece it would start making crackling noises, now this wouldn't be much of an issue in it self, but I assume the culprit, rather than being that that pole piece somehow having lost ground connection, was caused by the pole piece actually somehow having come slightly in touch with the hot circuit of the pickup, since I have also lately been suffering from unexplainable sudden rather drastic tone changes, one moment my tone sounding absolutely awesome, well articulated, and super snappy and punchy, the other really thin and anemic, and then suddenly muddy and unclear, and after going through my setup having ruled out everything else as being the possible course.

      Well, good new's is it seems like my spontaneous tone changing issue has indeed been solved, and in return my setup is almost dead quiet, even without my skin being in contact with the bridge ground, just like before my old Geezer P pickup suddenly went faulty.

      I suspect the issue might have been caused one of the times I soldered or de-soldered the pickups, perhaps leaving the heat from the solder iron on a bit too long, when I was experimenting with using a DiMarzio Model P pickup instead, that while also sounding awesome, very full, ballsy and punchy, wasn't quite as dynamically responsive, articulated and clear sounding as the Geezer, why I went back to that.

      Here the new Geezer P is, installed in my main Ibanez GSRM20 neck + GSRM20B body Mikro Bass, wired directly to the output jack socket (yes, I swapped the stock barrel type jack socket out for a regular front mounted one. And yes, the strings are rather thin for a bass. It is gauge .090 - .072 -.054 - 0.40 strings, tuned to F# standard tuning, as in 2 half steps above regular 4 string bass E standard tuning) :

      Sounds absolutely as awesome as I knew it would.
    • By elliott_Þórunn
      A few pedals for sale, all in full working order (prices include postage, buyer responsible for any paypal fees):
      Pics below
      1. Earthquaker Devices & Death By Audio Time Shadows in excellent condition - £275 Now £250
      Extremely rare delay pedal (one of 1000 made). The effects are difficult to describe but according to EQD, the EQD side is a "pitch-morphed fuzz delay filter", the DBA side is "multi-delay filter remorphinator" and there is also a secret mode in between which is similar to an EQD Rainbow Machine.
      2. Alexander Pedals Sky-FI reverb & delay pedal in very good condition (slight mark on front, pictured) - SOLD 
      Versatile reverb & delay pedal with 3 modes Wash, Gleam & Echo. Can be used as a reverb, delay or both combined. Also include Hold function (to increase reverb or delay feedback depending on mode), trails and separate wet/dry outputs.
      3. Smallsound/Bigsound Mini overdrive pedal in excellent condition - SOLD 

      This pedal is extremely versatile and can go from slightly overdriven to fuzz and everything in between.

      4. Ibanez DML 20 Modulation Delay III in excellent condition - WITHDRAWN

      A very rare pedal, it is capable of Delay, Modulated Delay, Chorus, Flanger and lots of other experimental sounds.
      5. Malekko Phase in excellent condition - £60 Now £50
      Mini analog phaser pedal, includes internal trim pot which is a "color range selector"
      6. Boss DD-20 Giga Delay in very good condition - £110 Now £100
      Great multi delay pedal with 10 delay modes and looper, tap tempo and 4 memory locations.

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