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Chase Bliss Audio Automatone MKII Preamp Pedal - £709 inc UK Postage - SOLD

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More of guitarist's pedal this one, but there are a couple of demos on Youtube using it on bass.








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Yes, I went through a period of serious GAS a while back but have now come out the other side and am downsizing.

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The flying faders are definitely very cool!  Doesn't hurt that sounds great as well.

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    • By onehappybunny
      Original version of this great sounding pedal, in excellent condition with box. Featured in Pedals and Effects demo below:
      Solidgold fx Beta bass overdrive demo
      As the demo mentions it gets you from a Motown type sound right through to adding a bit of grit. Nice tasteful pedal. 
      £75 inc. UK postage

    • By iSeal95
      Hello everyone!

      Here we have The Bass Butler Bi-amp from Orange. Made in England and built like a bunker.

      An amazing pedal that compresses your clean dry signal with added tone shaping with a preamp whilst allowing you to mix in a dirty signal. much better than a blend knob IMO.

      Dirty signal can be adjusted also using an expression pedal.

      Both XLR's have Cab Sims too!
      No box but will package very well, includes power supply.

      I will also trade for a Sansamp VTDI!

      Price includes postage.

    • By Marky Screen
      Nice fuzzdog PCB clone of the Blueberry bass Overdrive.
      This is the Mad Professor version not the BJFE version. Still quite dark sounding but a bigger gain range.
      Pics to follow

    • By Sardar
      Only been used at home so in good condition.
      Up for sale as I've bought a Helix so I'm starting to sell off my old pedals, hence no trades, sorry.

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