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  1. Very cool looper pedal that allows you to manipulate the loops in all sorts of different ways. It's overkill for what I need so is up for sale.
  2. Cool stereo double looper pedal. The looper in my Helix fulfils my limited looping needs so this is up for sale.
  3. Comes with the optional PL-3 Protective Cover, power supply, USB cable, velcro cable ties and original box.
  4. Bought by me new around a year ago. It's only had very limited home use (still has the plastic on the screen!) as a studio synth / keyboard mixer, but it's overkill for what I need and is taking up much needed space. I would prefer collection, in which case I'd be able to include the optional rackmount kit, but I do have the original box so could post.
  5. Used to connect the Iridium, Riverside and Sunset pedals to standard 5pin MIDI devices. This is the version of the cable with a right angle TRS and a straight MIDI connector.
  6. Converts between the MIDI jacks used by Strymon, Chase Bliss, Meris etc and standard 5 pin MIDI.
  7. Budget 6W valve guitar practice amp. 1 x 12AX7 preamp tube, 1 x 6V6 power tube, 1 x 10" Speaker. Comes with the manual, foot switch, mains cable and a guitar cable. Collection from Newbury only I'm afraid.
  8. The flying faders are definitely very cool! Doesn't hurt that sounds great as well.
  9. Yes, I went through a period of serious GAS a while back but have now come out the other side and am downsizing.
  10. More of guitarist's pedal this one, but there are a couple of demos on Youtube using it on bass.
  11. It lets you control one or more Source Audio pedals via standard 5 pin MIDI. https://www.sourceaudio.net/neuro-hub.html
  12. Comes with 3 TRRS cables, a USB cable and a UK Power Supply. Some minor marks as per the photos.
  13. Converts one of the 18V outputs on a Truetone Power Supply to 9V. I have two of these, both are still sealed so as new.
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