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  1. That was the price at the time. As mr4stringz said, initially the price dropped when they had a lot in stock and seems to have gone up as the number available has gone down. I also had a 5% discount code but unfortunately mine didn't work, the website said it wasn't valid for that item.
  2. Agreed, if I could have got the bass from anywhere else I would have. Luckily things went okay this time.
  3. It went much more smoothly this time. I got mine for £484 so a really good price, only issue is a few slightly sharp fret edges that need tidying up.
  4. A very cool bass, always loved that headstock design! 35" is too long for me, but good luck with the sale.
  5. Thanks for the heads up, I pulled the trigger on a black FSR Mustang. I recently experienced Bax Shop's aforementioned terrible customer service, so fingers crossed this time things work out.
  6. Beautiful bass! What's the weight and the string spacing at the bridge?
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