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Music Man Bongo 6, 2008: trades added... :)


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Update by Jan 1st: Buyer‘s from within UK should be aware that for imports from EU to UK since Jan 1st the UK VAT will be applicable. This VAT has to be paid by the UK buyer once the goods are crossing the borders. Note: As a private seller in EU I can not reduce the price for second hand goods as VAT has never been included in the price. (Quote borrowed from mr bassman.de)


I have an OLD MM Bongo 6, one of the first. The Bongo 6 was introduced in the spring of 2008; my bass is "born" March 26th 2008. 

It is a black HH that has some mileage, but I had it refurbished when I bought it. There were some laquer flaws, but now it is black where it should be black. No dings in the wood. The neck is nice and smooth; plays like butter. December 31st is the deadline for you-know-what, since this bass lives in Sweden. Here are some pictures:











A very nice bass; everything works as it should. Rosewood board on this; the new ones have ebony. I favour rosewood. I am very, very ambivalent giving this gem up, but it really ain't my cup of tea. String spacing at bridge is 17.5 mm/0.69-0.70". Delivered in the Hiscox case you see...
Any questions: ask! Trades? Well, try me. ;) 
A nice long scale 6-string with 19 mm string spacing or similar 5-string is of interest in a trade.

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vat is ugly!! what a dam cheek it is. vat is paid on a new sale and thereafter should not be paid again and again. its daylight robbery!!  ugly move by the government. i liked Boris on not the 9`oclock news but now he smells of cheese!!


glwwts sale its lovely bass and a bargain. 

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