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I've shared a couple of these now on here and people have been really decent about this. Our record company decided to put our album out this year despite Covid-19 so we haven't been able to tour it (like many of you). Luckily we had enough video making skills to do a few videos and this is our last offering of 2020. This song was picked up by El Pias in Spain where we recommended along with The Rolling Stones, resulting in a 923% increase to our play on Spotify. This was the (title) track they liked and it's due to feature on the cover mount CD of next month's UK magazine RNR. The video is just camera phone footage of an old rehearsal. 


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    • By Cat Burrito
      At the risk of overestimating any interest here, this is yet another track from last year's record immortalised as a video for those who are bored on a Saturday... 
    • By dave84
      A song that needs no introduction: this is my tribute to one of the best new wave songs of all time and to Peter Hook's most iconic bass line. And obviously a tribute to Joy Division and its unforgotten frontman.   Merry Christmas 🎄
    • By Cat Burrito
      I know there are a few folk on here who are not in the Ric fan camp but I love mine and wanted to give it a New Wave / Power Pop early 80s vibe. Off came the white plastic to be replaced with black plastic, and I had already added the zero mod thumb rest and the bezel cover. I added the neon white strings a while ago too. It got loads of comments on Friday's gig and seems to be getting a lot of likes on Facebook and Instagram.... so here it is in its full glory.

    • By Cat Burrito
      I spent the last 3 years periodically recording an album with my friend Rich. It's a great band with some amazing players in it. We had a blast doing this at Mooncalf Studios in Wiltshire. The bass is a Ric 4003s going through a Tech21Sansamp VT Bass pedal straight into the desk. I guess we were trying to make a very commercial sounding record that sat somewhere between Iggy Pop and the Rolling Stones, very much aimed for radio play. I did some of the production as well as the bass guitar. We've signed a little indie deal and it comes out on June 12th. This was one of my favourite tracks and the video was just a bit of fun really. Check it out!
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