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Bass Guitar Orchestra!

Phil C

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OK - so I've no gigs to practice for, and I struggled to keep motivated!  So, I have had a go at a couple of classical pieces in the past - which kept me out of trouble.  Anyway, I had a kind of bonkers idea, which was to record a classical orchestral piece playing all of the parts on bass (like you do!).  I plumped for The Arrival of the Queen of Sheba, as I kind of knew the Cello part from when I was in a school orchestra.  I eventually found a score to download, and spent quite some time learning and working it out.  Sometimes I had to change octaves, so there weren't too many bass guitars playing in the same range.  There are 7 basses playing.  Violin (which I did 2 basses for the 1st Violin and one for 2nd), Viola, Cello and two oboe parts.  I used Fender Jazz for the strings and a precision for the oboes.  Anyway - enough of that here it is.   I did struggle with some of the parts, so go easy!! 


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Just now, hubrad said:

Awesome.. Deffo worth playing through a decent speaker so the neighbours can get the full majesty!

Cheers!  At first, when I played it back it sounded dreadful!!  Some serious EQ was required to get rid of some of the boominess (is that a word?) that 7 basses can make 😀.

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