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  1. Ideally 4x4, although 2x2 would do.
  2. Like this (sadly the last time I was on stage (2019):
  3. Bobthedog


    Where am I deleting "posted in error" from?
  4. Are talking about one that works on batteries / mains or both? If so, I don't have one. PS Check the latency.
  5. Nice. I also did not know Jimmy Somerville played bass. Cool. 😀
  6. I had that message too. My SOP for all these things is a) check the eMail address per @Hellzero and also b) change the passwords directly on the site, not via any eMail link.
  7. When I have had to take two basses I used two separate cases / gig bags.
  8. Any of the first 6 tracks on the Coldplay X&Y album, which are numbered x1 - x6 or track 6 itself which is called x&y. No idea about Z atm.
  9. Trying to "connect" and set up my new BMW (1 series M135i). This is very much a car for today's"connected" generation. Many many apps to connect to, driver settings to personalise (and I do not just mean seats and mirrors), display settings to set (2 x digital screens plus a HUD to set up), how do I want the doors to lock / unlock, including how many any one time, how I want the boot to open (including how high) / shut (should it just lock the boot or the doors as well), what picture do I want against my name, do I want to be greeted - with my whole name or just my first name......... ad infinitum (or so it feels). The BMW "How To" youtube playlist to help do this has 217 videos to help me apparently. I have not even started on connecting the wife's key,
  10. Although I have played live, I am very much a bedroom player and unlikely to join a band going forward. I do, however, I have four basses and each is different. A Fender USA P bass, because everyone should have one. Being a 4 string it does not get played any longer, but I will keep it. A Dingwall AB1 V, wonderful and suits the more rocky type of music. A Roscoe Century Signature V that plays across most genres, although I cannot get a decent metal tone out of it and an MTD Fretless which is stunning but with the roundwounds on, very much has a fretless tone. I also have 1300 watts of Bergantino amp playing through a Barefaced Twin II just for playing at home. Why limit yourself if there is no reason to. I get pleasure from playing each of them as the mood suits, live in a detached house surrounded by sheeps and do not have to support any children. Oddly, having just typed that, I realise I have just sold off all my camera gear (two bodies, five lenses, flashes etc etc) and replaced the same with a single fixed lens camera as it seemed silly having the lot. The actual answer is if this is a hobby you enjoy, enjoy as many or as few basses as you wish / can afford and ignore what others opine.
  11. I will not be going anywhere near Brian, let alone in him!
  12. I had a Sire V7 5 fretless and whilst it sounded great is was very heavy (from memory 4.8kgs?) and had dreadful neck dive. The latter is apparently solvable with lightweight tuning pegs but it was ultimately not for me. Others have reported theirs were lighter so per @TheGreek do try the actual one you might buy first.
  13. Reduced to £350 plus delivery petrol costs. These are taking up too much space in my study.
  14. Much akin to the sound of a slightly over inflated space hopper being dropped onto concrete from 10ft or so.
  15. I have one of these. Not cheap but I am very happy with it. https://www.amazon.co.uk/RocknRoller-R6G-Ground-Glider-Multi-Cart/dp/B01IP1IAY8/ref=sr_1_5?dchild=1&keywords=rocknroller+r6&qid=1617823291&sr=8-5
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