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  1. GruvGear Solo Strap Neo 4" is a superb strap for heavy guitars. I have one and for anything over 4.5kgs it is a must use for me. Bass Direct have them in stock (per their website at least) https://www.bassdirect.co.uk/bass_guitar_specialists/Gruv_Gear_straps.html
  2. I refer the gentleman to my post on Monday. Oval, no harm done. 😀
  3. I can see these puns Headingly a bad direction. Oh bails.
  4. When do you move into the Malibu beach house with a homeless sponger and his son living with you? 😀 Great stuff here.
  5. Darkglass Hyper Luminal. Not cheap but closes off the thread nicely. 😀 Much preferred, to my ears, to the Spectracomp and MXR mx87 I also have.
  6. Big Hair and the Lacy Shirts Big Hair and the Mullets The Neon Leg Warmers Spandex Cut Offs
  7. Bobthedog


    I think you are confused. Shirley is nr Croydon. £500 would be overpriced. I want to know if a High Wycombe is any good for metal?
  8. I went to a classic rock gig at The Stables, Milton Keynes on Thursday. A full house sold out concert of older adults. No proper ventilation and extremely warm. I would say less than one in thirty wore face masks and 95% of attendees were dancing by the end. Sweat and God knows what being sprayed around. Not a comfortable feeling although both my wife and I are fine since then.
  9. Neither, it is a cat's behind / tea towel holder. 😃 PS, nice collection.
  10. Is it not Guy Pratt? He joined them in 1994 for the Division Bell tour.
  11. Congrats OHM and a good spread of instruments. I am glad to see a fretless remains - as it does for me.
  12. Thank you and yup, loving this fretless one.
  13. Sorry to see you selling this. I love my HP and have stated elsewhere, it is an absolute keeper for me. Good luck, hopefully someone will see the light and snap this up.
  14. Don’t, I am going to do my best to avoid more basses! Thank you though. 😀
  15. Not totally new but this is my complete rig following the new Dingwall yesterday. A few pedals elsewhere to sell off to make this my lot for home and external use:
  16. I did wonder if any of the guys I was talking to are on BC but did not think of asking!
  17. Holy Bass Batman! Congrats. It is always good to achieve an aim.
  18. Thank you. I just flicked them back and forth until I found a sound that suited!
  19. I have been playing now for a number of years but rheumatoid arthritis in the fingers of both hands mean I struggle to get a regular position in a band. I have my 2nd gig in two years in December! Notwithstanding that I had put together four bass guitars that I loved but lockdown meant I was playing less and less and almost gave up. I decided therefore to reduce my collection of four to one bass and just enjoy myself when I wanted to pick up a bass. Thankfully Mark at BD gave me a good deal to px all four. At the last minute I could not part with my MTD Kingston Fretless, however, so three guitars went in exchange for this absolute beauty: Dingwall ABII 5/3. Glockenklang pre amp (passive / active), Super Fatty II pickups. Walnut Burl top / walnut chambered body. Wenge fingerboard. Ghost inlays. 3 x series / parallel switches (no idea what that means, but they change the sound). This will probably be my last bass as I am genuinely happy with my Bergantino Forte HP / Barefaced Big Twin II and the Dingwall Super Fatty sound (My ABI also had these). The MTD Frettless is a bit of fun for me so stayed. Photos are the actual bass but are Bass Direct publicity photos. The basses that went were my Roscoe Century Custom, Dingwall ABI and Fender MIA P.
  20. Just back from BD where I picked up my new bass (look for NBD later today). I pxed three basses to do this (story will be in NBD). Mark overall offered very close to market price making it a very positive trade. Not only that but there were three other guys in there and we pretty much had drinks party without the drinks. Mark; the three guys and me just chewing the cud talking bass and stuff. If I did not have to leave promptly I would probably still be there chatting now. Another great experience and morning; not just for picking up a new bass.
  21. No issues for me using Apple Mac and/or iPad.
  22. Just listening to this.
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