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Marky Screen

SOLD Fender jazz Marcus miller neck MIJ 2008 Loaded inc. UK postage

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I'm coming round to only wanting to play rosewood boards now so I'm looking to move this neck on that I got a while back.

It's a 2008 MIJ 3 bolt Marcus miller Sig.

I'll add more pics of wear and tear etc. Shortly.

It's in generally decent condition.

Frets have minimal wear and a bit of tarnish on them.

Truss rod turning fine, microtilt working fine

Nice bit of flame on the back. The fingerboard has one bit where a string has been pushed down hard and rubbed the lacquer off a bit. I've tried to photo it and a couple of tiny little lacquer rubs on it.

2 small (approx 3mm) chips to the binding through the 1st aged layer to the whiter 2nd layer, see photos 

The back of the neck is pretty clean too a couple of little tiny dings in the lacquer but otherwise good.

Reverse wind Tuners are a little stiff so could do with a little service to get them really smooth but turn fine and hold well.

Found this pretty hard to price up so have put it up at the same value as the only other 2 I could find online (Reverb) but happy to hear from BCers if it's worth more or less.

Happy to take the neck of if theres serious interest and you want heel pics etc.

Price includes UK postage.












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Was that the bass on eBay? Should’ve bought that when I had the funds 😪

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59 minutes ago, AndyTravis said:

Was that the bass on eBay? Should’ve bought that when I had the funds 😪

Yeah I got it in a late night frenzy of impulse bidding at the start of the year😁

The neck is great but I wanna putting a rosewood block and bindings on it.

I think the body is a 75 re-issue anyway, and saw they did a matching coloured headstock neck version as well. That would be the dream!

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On 29/10/2020 at 19:24, mart3442 said:

Hi , interested, but I'll need to see the damage to the binding. Cheers.

More useful pics added now.

There is actually only two small chips to the binding taken off the top aged layer to show a brighter white layer underneath so not even all the binding. The chips are about 2-3mm across.


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    • By Schwartz
      Picked this up locally, gentlemen said he got it from this very forum, excellent sounding.
      The bass itself is listed on Andre's website with a rosewood fretboard, yet this one is maple. So it's certainly not standard.
      Bass requires some work to make it perfect, which I'm not the right guy for, as such I've decided to knock some money off.
      Has an Aguilar OBP-3 preamp fitted which is a positive, I'd question the way it's been hooked up as one of the switches doesn't alter the sound at all. Otherwise really powerful.
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      PRICE DROP - NOW £2050
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