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NBD - Music Man Stingray

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On 07/10/2020 at 05:18, Lozz196 said:

So after reading the thread about Cliff Williams of AC/DC getting a signature Stingray it reignited the want for one. I love Stingrays but have ever managed to “tame” the sound, but then I’ve only ever had the 3eq versions. I have however read that the 2eq is beefier sounding so thought, I’ll give one a try if a black/black/maple one comes along. And it did at the weekend on EBay. Sealed the deal, delivered today. Like an excited child I got home and to work on a clean/set-up and in honour of Cliff, a set of D’Addario Chromes. It’s a 1987 model with the truss rod adjuster in the headstock, and the silver battery cover. It has some nice authentic road wear on it, nothing hideous, just the signs of a 30+ year old gigged instrument. But all that doesn’t mean a thing if you don’t enjoy playing it. Well I settled down in front of YouTube to some of my fave covers and an hour and a half passed in an instant, yes, the ‘Ray passed the test, I love playing it, and yes, the 2eq is beefier sounding. Oh, the beauty in question, well it’s as below.


I owned one of Cliff William's basses for a while.  The case had a Florida address on it.  Great year BTW, birdseye maple cost the same as normal maple  back then so EB just chucked it into the mix.

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Black on maple looks stunning, there's no better combination, but I would always choose 3 band EQ over 2 band. 

I've had a lot of them in the past of both types, and IMHO 3 band EQ has much wider possibilities.

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    • By davidak
      Bass has been traded.
      Up for sale is my beloved Musicman Stingray. It is one of the nicest specimen from early 90' I had luck to play. All features admired on these era stingrays are there:
      - ash body with beautiful figuring under honeyburst finish
      - birdseye maple neck with rosewood fingerboard, again, great wood selection
      - 2eq preamp
      - 6 bolt neck
      - chrome battery cover
      - truss rod wheel
      - reasonable weight at 4,2kg on my bathroom scale
      - bridge with foam mutes (foam mutes actually miss now, previous owner removed them but it is very easy to DIY and glue them back
      - comes with white(original), pearloid (my favourite), transparent and black (needs to be cut in truss rod wheel area) pickguard and very good quality gigbag
      Always prefered thesse over classic series..
      Bass is in great condition for its age. Of course it hase some little dings here and there, nothing which would affect playability or beautiful look. 
      I am located in Czech Republic, Liberec. EU shipping is excluded but I can do it very reasonable.

    • By Mudpup
      For Sale TRADED 
      1997 Musicman Stingray 4 string bass
      Single humbucker, 2 band eq, rosewood neck, Hipshot D Tuner (original included too) and Schaller straplocks fitted. Comes with a new Fender FB620 gig bag.
      Not too sure i want to sell this but i've accumulated too much gear and have bought a car that i would like to spend a few quid on so i'm having a clear out.
      If you want a mint new condition bass this isn't the one for you - she's been played and gigged for 22 years and has some marks to show it. All electrics and mechanical parts are fully functional and smooth in operation. Tuners and truss rod are great and theres no crackles or weird fizzy noises going on.

      There are a few small scratches on the body (mainly on the back and lower edge and the worst scratch can be seen on the lower rear back corner in a picture) but no lacquer chips or worn through to the finish buckle rash. The front is free of scratches apart from a tiny dink on the top bout. From a few feet away she looks mint though.

      I left her too near a hot stage light a few years back and its kind of rippled the finish on the forearm contour - its not cracked or through the finish but its there and you can see and feel it. I was thinking of getting a refinish but decided it was better to keep her honest and I genuinely prefer basses that i don't need to be precious with.

      The chrome on the bridge has a bit of pitting and there's a small lacquer chip under the edge of the lower part of the bridge.
      Unusually she doesn't have the lumps out of the headstock that most Stingrays have  :-)
      And that brings me to the neck! Its the best neck i've ever played on any bass in 40 years. It's totally played in and has the softest edges you'll ever find. Its aged to a beautiful honey colour (its not grubby like loads of other ones) and has a warm smooth waxed finish - its almost roasted in feel. It's a neck i wish i could have on all my other basses. The frets are in 9/10 condition all the way up the neck. It's the reason i'm not sure i can let her go and i have a feeling i may regret this but i have 3 other basses that i gig more regularly.
      Collection from near Stansted Airport, maybe meet up Essex/Herts/London way and any trial welcome with free biscuits and tea. Sorry no courier option - i don't trust them and if your'e spending on this kind of thing its worth a trip out.
      Anyway, heres the evidence......
      IMG_20190609_160759 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160818 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160459 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160523 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160530 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160633 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160641 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160723 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160748 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160836 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160843 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160850 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
      IMG_20190609_160855 by Jon Ashbee, on Flickr
    • By OutSpoon
      With regret (no doubt) - I (thinking) about selling my 1994 Musicman Stingray 4. I've had this since new, and bought it from the Bass Centre in London on my 21st birthday. It's an amazing bass - and pretty much 90% of my bass playing life has been spent with it. It's been well cared for, and only has a few battle scars - plays like a dream, sounds like a beast. Neck is unfinished and amazing. I've got a hard-case (not EB) that I will include for postage. Happy to send both UK and further - at the buyer's expense. 
      I'm based on the Hampshire / Berkshire border if you would like to come and try it out..  
      Foam mutes still working - and it's generally in great condition for a 24 year old bass.. 

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