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EQ and Octave - pedal order

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Hi all,
So, there are a gazillion questions (and even more answers) here and in many other forums re. the topic of pedal order, but I can't seem to find anything specific to my needs... so here goes!
I have ditched all but a handful of pedals.  My current setup is compressor, octave and preamp/DI, and now I am adding a Source Audio programmable EQ for the express purpose of having a dedicated EQ/volume setting for my 2 basses.  I will use preset slots 1 & 2 for regular playing (one for each bass), and slots 3 & 4 for use with the octave (to get a more synthy sound).
My question is.... as this will be an always on effect - should it come before or after the octave?  In my mind, the octave will affect the EQ more than the other way around, but I am open to your opinions of why - if at all - the octave might come first.
Many thanks - as always

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Try it both ways and see which you like best. 

If you put the EQ first,  the octave will respond to the way you've got the EQ set. If you swap them around, you are changing the EQ of the octaved sound, so you'll get a different result. 

Personally, when I use an EQ pedal I put it first in the chain because I want my effects to respond to any tonal change I might use. 


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Completely up to you but personally I prefer octave first because I find nothing has any significant effect before my octave, not even fuzz. And I prefer my eq after because I only use small amounts to slightly focus my overall sound. 

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