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On Hold - Ibanez SRMS805 - Upgraded to full US Bartolini Pickups and Preamp - Sale or Trade for Pbass
High Wycombe

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Brought off of @Kev, sadly I have to see her go.

Collection preferred, but delivery available provided the risk and expense.

This is a really special bass, so versatile. Definitely not just a metal bass, it can do it all. Neck is lovely to play, body is nice and comfortable and it balances great on a strap.

Condition is like new.

Copy and pasted original listing

"Up for sale I have a special bass, an Ibanez SRMS805 multiscale 5 string bass.  This one has the Twilight finish with some lovely grain poplar burl.

I bought this new last year and stripped out its Ibanez preamp and its seriously average chinese licensed Bartolini BH2 pickups out and installed US Classic Bass Soapbars and a 3 band Bartolini HR-5.2AP/918 preamp.   Configuration has changed from stock to make this the ultimate tone machine and works as follows:-

Volume - Push Pull Active/Passive



Mids - Push Pull Frequency Selector


Toggle Switch 1 - Series/Coil Tap/Parallel Bridge Pickup

Toggle Switch 2 - Series/Coil Tap/Parallel Neck Pickup

If you've played a stock SRMS805 before, this one will play the same but tonally it really is an entirely different animal.  Its fantastic and the array of different tones you can get from all the different coil arrangements is wonderful."







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I have the original model of this as my main bass and love the tone, but those are some hefty upgrades! 


Mine is the most playable Ibanez I've ever owned - good luck with the sale.

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Just waiting for mine to come back from Doug Wilkes. Bart Singularity pups and Bart active passive 3 band pre amp.Spoke to Kev who originally owned you Ibby which inspired me to upgrade mine. Great bass with excellent play ability as described by Jellyfish. GLWTS someone is getting a bargain.

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Hi - did Kev give you the old Ibanez on board pre amp.  If it's the 3 position EQ  - I would be interested in buying it.




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Re read advert - so amended question.. Doh

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No but I will pm you later as my srff805 pups and pre  with 3 position EQ should be out this week and I was going to put them on here at some point .

Cheers Wayne

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1 hour ago, AdamN said:

Hi, do you have any sound clips of the upgrades you have done?


Hey Adam,

I don't but if you're interested I can record something quick.



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