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  1. Bought a bass from Martyn, it arrived very quickly and was carefully packaged up. Martyn was very quick to respond to my queries. Would buy from him again.
  2. Hi, When it comes to shipping will you be shipping it in a case or just in a box. Thanks
  3. Hi, just wondering is the bass still available? If it is then is postage included in the price and do you know what the weight of it is? Thanks
  4. Hi, do you have any videos of what it sounds like with the new pickups/pre-amp? Thanks
  5. Hi is this bass still available and would you be willing to post it?
  6. Hi, Wondering if anybody has any experience with using the Microtubes 500 with a Barefaced One10. I'm primarily looking to play heavy rock music with this setup. I've only ever used combos before so if anybody could tell me if this combo will work well then that would be appreciated. I've gone with the One10 because of it's weight and it's low(ish) price point. Cheers.
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