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OFFERS?: Genz Benz Uber 1288T cab with new Roqsolid
Sevenoaks, Kent

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Immaculate condition and light use only. New Roqsolid cover, unmarked. I gigged this about 4 times before lockdown, and since then have been moving more acoustic, lower levels so my PJB cab is ideal for that.

The 1288 features Emminence Neos: one 12" with front porting, 2 x 8" in a dedicated sub-enclosure so the back pressure of the 12 doesn't affect the 8s. Plus an HF horn with attenuation (continuous rotary). Four hefty castors.  Weight 24Kg, 600W / 8 Ohm. Specs taken from Bass Direct below. Note weight on spec below is shipping weight - gigging weight is 24Kg.

I'm a GB fan, fabulous build and a really great sound right across the range. I'd describe the sound as precise, transparent, accurate, true, dynamic... words like that.
Ran this with my GB 900 Streamliner - a sublime rig.

see the Bass Direct copy below for the original GB spiel on this fab cab👍

(taken from BD:)

GB 1288T UQ - List £1150

"The UBER QUAD"- named after it's unique, four speaker design. This compact, "multi-driver" cabinet features 4 separate drivers of varying sizes, which produce an incredible 3 dimensional tone. 


This multi-driver cabinet is excellent for bassists using "extended range" 6 and 7 string instruments. It has a signature tone however, that is ideal for any bassist looking to add a new element of depth, warmth and clarity to their tone. The all important mid range is handled by the dual 8" Neodymium speakers in separate, sealed internal enclosures providing thick, tight, warm mids without "honk" or harshness. These separate chambers are extremely compact which enhances the response and tight suspension of the driver's mechanical performance. 


This 600 watt 8 ohm cabinet sounds great on its own but can be an impressive stack when using 2 UBER QUADS or when stacked with our new GB 115T-UB.


As part of the UBER BASS series the cabinet features our distinctive "nubby" vinyl along with our classic grille and silver piping, Edge-Lift handles, Speakon® and 1/4" inputs, 100 Watt Tweeter Level control and crossover design based on a combination of electronic and electro-acoustic principals. This yields a combination of crossover slopes that result in smooth multi- dimensional composite acoustic response. 



Power Handling RMS  600 W

Frequency +/- 3db  45-18K Hz

Sensitivity 1W/1M  97.5 db

Nominal Impedance  8 ohm versions

Crossover Point  per component: Lows: 45-500Hz, Mids:150-5KHz, Highs:4K-18KHz

Weight Lbs.  58

Dimensions HxWxD   23" x 24 1/4" x 18 1/4 " 








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I know we're all locked down and that, but this is a really fabulous one-cab solution. I need the space now and am committed to the PJB 6B I got  - so friendly non-upsettive offers invited, in the true spirit of democracy.

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13 minutes ago, spyder said:

Can you ship. 😀

I'm sure it can be done - i'd need to find out who handles stuff this size. Someone here will know.

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