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TRADED - ACG Finn 5 fretless with amazing birdseye fingerboard

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I am considering parting ways with this stunning piece of art created by AC Guitars. I recently acquired it from @Bass Wielder (thanks again Michael!). I love everything about this bass: it looks and sounds amazing (those humbuckers... yummy), I had never played an instrument so resonant before, it just sings. So why consider selling it? Well I already have a fretless 4 and I realized that I would rather have a fretted 6er than a fretless 5. The fretless 4 is sufficient for my needs and I am quite interested in exploring the (hopefully) wonderful world of 6 string bass. This is why I would not only consider but possibly prefer a trade against a good 6er. I don't mind adding/receiving a small part in cash to compensate any difference in value between this gorgeous ACG and your lovely fretted 6 😉

Ideally I would prefer 6er with narrower string spacing (< 19 mm, 17.5 or below being my preference) and a reasonable weight (4.5 kg/10 lbs or below).

The ACG weighs about 4.5 kg according to my bathroom scale and comes in the Hiscox case you can see on the picture. The bass is in excellent state, no specific dings or scratches as far as I can see. I was built around 2014 if I remember correctly. Here are the specs straight from the ACG website ( http://www.acguitars.co.uk/project/0172-finn-r-type-fretless-5/ )

  • Scale: 35''
  • Top and Back Wood: Flame Redwood
  • Body Wood: Black Limba
  • Accent Veneer: Black
  • Body Finish: Satin Lacquer
  • Neck Wood: 5 piece Mac Ebony/Ash/Wenge
  • Fingerboard: Acrylic Impregnate Birdseye Maple, 26 fret partial fretlines
  • Neck Finish: Satin Lacquer
  • Pickups: 2 x ACG FB humbuckers
  • Hardware details: Hipshot Type A bridge, Gotoh GB 350 Resolite tuners, Dunlop Straplocks, DR Sunbeam strings, Luminlay side dots
  • Pre-amp: ACG DFM 5K/AP

Below is also the original posting from @Bass Wielder


I live in Belgium, near Antwerp.


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Bass is traded

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That is a very splendid bass indeed.

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16 hours ago, ead said:

That is a very splendid bass indeed.

Thanks mate, it really is an amazing instrument 😉

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I've a few ACGs including two fretless basses but all 4-string as I have a severe talent deficit at the best of times and, having tried a few times, 5ers are a no-go area for me now.

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I fortunately decided a long time ago that the quality of the basses I own did not have to be proportionnal to my musical talent...😅

This ACG Finn is actually tuned EADGC and I have to say that I find it much easier to switch to than a 5er tuned BEADG.

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      Weight : 3.9kg
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      Original German-made Human Base Jonas fretless 4-string
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      ******£900 plus postage********   I’m selling my stunning Overwater J-Series 4 str fretless.   SPECS:   34" scale 4.4 kg Controls: Volume, Pickup blend, and 3 way Overwater Tone control (bass thick outer ring, mids top ring, then pull out top ring for top end)   It’s an incredible bass, I had custom built for me by Overwater in 2005, with translucent blue quilted maple finish and ebony fretboard.  It sounds amazing: i've rarely played any fretless that sings like  this one, without the harsh zingy sound of some cheaper brands.   I used the bass on the West End show Stephen Ward cast recording in 2013, as well on the show itself (for 5 months), but otherwise it stayed in the studio.   It does have a few dings from the 5 months I mentioned in the tiny Orchestra pit at the Aldwych (quick bass changeovers) but luckily they’re mainly on the back and sides.  (I've highlighted them in the photos.)  If you're a collector looking for a perfect instrument to hang as a decoration, the dings on the back might put you off but if you're a player looking for an exceptional, singing fretless with incredible tone/playability and a stunning finish, this will blow your mind!   Brand new to build they're about £2750-2800, i’m asking £950 plus postage.   I've included a recording of the bass, a cover of a Nick Drake tune called 'From the morning' Jaco/Joni style, a good example of the DI tone.   I'm also throwing in a soft case from Overwater (missing a small buckle on the top pocket)   J

      nick drake fretless demo 2.mp3
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