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  1. I never thought I'd be a fretless player until I played a Tony Franklin Precision. Lovely basses, everything feels just right. I sold a first one years ago, only bass I ever regretted parting with... until I found another one few months ago 🥰. The pup switch is killer, it gives you all flavors of passive awesomeness in one bass. I've bought and sold many basses but my TF is not going anywhere. GLWTS!
  2. Not sure why, but the first one that came to mind is the solo part of "Are you gonna go my way" from Lenny Kravitz. During the guitar solo, the bass keeps the groove and foundation but still adds some nice and tasty variations that are really fun to play. You mention Flea, the bass part of "you Oughta know" is pretty varied as well with a lot of nice fills. Cheers!
  3. Whatever works for you! If it sounds good, feels good and does not turn anymore, go for it! My picks tend to turn as well when I play guitar or bass, no matter the material it is made of. I am now using the violet Dunlop Big Stubby 2mm (also for guitar), it has some kind of a "hole" for your thumb and it helps a lot with my grip, the pick does not move anymore.
  4. Btw, I just found a LPB Tony Franklin sold new for about 1800 pounds on one of the main UK music stores. That is not a cheap bass by any stretch but it's quite a good deal compared to their standard new price.
  5. I tried the Warmoth route, picked up a beautiful piece for my fingerboard but in the end I much prefer the TF neck. I agree the new prices are a bit exaggerated, but if you can find one second hand for like 1500e, I would strongly recommend it 🙂 It gives me so much more satisfaction than the Warmoth I had built. YMMV of course!
  6. I had a TF fretless a few years ago when trying out fretless and I stupidly sold it. I ended up missing it quite a bit, having fond memories of most comfortable (fretless) neck I ever played. So when a used one in lake placid blue popped up locally a couple of months, I jumped on it. The neck is as perfect as I remembered. The tone is awesome, with the three way switch. I enjoy so much playing it that I played our last rehearsal fretless only and I will continue doing so. I never tried a Status neck but for me the TF is hard to pass on. Plus it looks so amazingly cool 😀 Cheers
  7. Still available! Don't hesitate to send me an offer, who knows... 😁😉😅
  8. Hello, I am selling this beautiful 6 string bass from Oscar Prat (Spain). I got it new in November 2020 from Oscar Prat directly through a trade with the incredibly talented @mustafunk1 I don't use the low B as much as I thought I would so am planning to go back to 5 sttings. This bass is everything I wanted in a 6er: light yet very resonant and punchy thanks to the Nordstrand pups + Bartolini preamp combination. The solo'ed bridge pickup sounds full and not thin at all to my ears. The neck profile is quite flat with very rounded shoulders while feels quite nice. The bass is pretty much as new. I could only find a very small mark on the bottom side of the body (see picture). These basses go for more than 3000 euros new. It recently had a setup done by my local luthier. He also smoothened the fret end which were a bit sharp to my taste. I live in Antwerp and don't mind driving a bit if you prefer to meet in person 😄 You can also make an offer, who knows 😉 Body : Ash Top : Buckeye burl Neck : 3 pieces maple and padouk Fingerboard : Curly maple Scale : 34'' String space: 18mm Bridge: Hipshot Tuners : Schaller made in Germany Preamp : Bartolini NTMB pre-amp with bass, treble and mids (Push/Pull) Pickups : Nordstrand Big Split Active/Passive push/pull (volume pot) Weight: 4.2kg Gig Bag Previous posting from @mustafunk1 And here is my feedback:
  9. Great person to deal with, friendly and honest. Looking forward to crossing path with Tony again!
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