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John East MMSR 4 knob, 3 band stingray pre amp. Just over a year old. Recently removed from my Ray 34 as I’ve now fitted the Delano hybrid system.

As new and complete including all packaging and instructions etc. Easy installation with no soldering.

N.B.this is the without plate version

£85 plus  postage 





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36 minutes ago, Waddycall said:

Oops! Wrong forum. Could this be moved please?

Sorted :)

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    • By waveydavy
      Snc 3 band preamp. Used good condition. Volume and balance on one board, middle and stacked treble and bass on another. Developed as a haz labs preamp clone to fit Spector Euro basses.
      All connections on push fittings. Leads for pickups and power for pickups (if needed) are short so will need soldering to pickup wires.

      Fitting instructions-
    • By Sharkfinger
      Bought this here a couple of weeks ago for a bargain price of £100 which was too good to turn pass up, even though I didn't have a project for it! I've now got a Musicman project on the go and the John East Music Man preamp has just come up for sale here, so I'm going to pass this on to someone else for the same bargain price of £100 + £5 UK delivery. 
      Hope @MikanHannille doesn't mind me using his ad....
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