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SOLD ON eBay —Blackstar BEAM 20w practice combo @@PICTURES [email protected]@

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Selling my Blackstar BEAM practice combo  in excellent like new condition. Great practice unit for home use, decent Bluetooth music player too used sparingly.

The unit is designed for bass, electric and acoustic guitars.  It comes with two bass specific effects on board, envelope and distortion.

it is also a fully functional audio interface.

Only selling as I replaced with an Ashdown unit.

unit is like new, £125 includes delivery.











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I just bought a second one today 😂

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    • By maciejho
      Hi! 😀
      I'm selling my Fender Jazz Bass Custom Shop Classic 5. In my opinion bass is in excellent visual and manual condition, it has really small scratches and chips that do not affect the appearance (on request I can take additional photos of small scratches). Electronics and hardware work flawlessly. The sparkle pick-guard is not original but fits perfectly. Dunlop straplocks installed. Certificate of authenticity and hard-case included.
      If anyone is interested, please feel free to ask or send me a private message. Regards

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      I'm selling my Poller 3/4 (standard) size double bass. Really great bass for students or jazz/rockabilly. I gigged it professionally for several years before upgrading.
      It's made in Romania in the early 90s. It has been my backup bass for the last few years but I can’t justify keeping two at the moment.
      Makes a great bass for a student or an electric bass player taking up upright - I’ve gigged it and and it is very light so great for carrying around to gigs etc. I’ll include a soft case and realist pickup, and I can probably find a spare double bass stand if you would like one too.
      Price drop to £895 and open to sensible offers and happy to reduce the price a bit if you don't want the pickup or other extras!
      I'm currently located in North London for now but moving shortly to Kingston area and also am in Bucks and Sussex a lot so delivery around the south east is possible. You are welcome to come for a socially distanced play in the garden but serious buyers only please. Any questions let me know!
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      Having come to a decision not to pursue full time gigging, I have decided to put my immaculate 2017 CMD121P up for sale including an MB cover and the original kettle lead.
      This has been used for indoor practice and a handful of rehearsals only. Never gigged or pushed hard. It is in pristine condition without any apparent fault but also a great piece of kit, albeit taking up space in my music room. Going forward I am using my Barefaced Big Twin II and Bergantino Forte HP / or a couple of pedals with DI out into my Scarlett interface at home when Mrs BtD thinks the Forte is too loud! 
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      It all started one day at band rehearsal where I by pure incident picked up the bass players bass and started playing, fell in love with the sound and feel of playing it, right there on the spot, and soon after answered an add by a drummer and a guitarist/vocalist seeking a bass player for their original band.
      After an audition session I got accepted as their new bass player, and even got a lot of praise for my capabilities on bass from the drummer, who happened to be a, for his age at that point, really skilled musician that knew how to sight read music, and who beside drums, played both piano and guitar on the sideline (that drummer and guitarist/vocalist being the same two people, though in a new different original band, that I much later since recorded a 2 track Single and a 4 track EP with, which were released on a small independent record label that some of our mutual friends owned, before I eventually decided to leave that band, much to my later regret, though I did get to contribute to a few of the compositions of their later full length album, even if not recording anything for it).
      The first few months with that first original band I didn't even own my own bass yet, but had to borrow one.
      Though soon after I decided to put my primary focus on playing bass over playing guitar.
      For some reason playing bass just came much more natural to me than playing guitar, like the instrument just felt exactly right in my hands, and as if I must have been thinking much more like a bass player than a guitarist all along, like apparently I just had a natural understanding for how the instrument worked and talent for coming up with and playing just the right bass parts for songs relatively effortlessly, that I for some reason just didn't possess on even just remotely the same level and same degree on guitar (even if eventually I have gotten quite good on guitar too, but ironically mainly from the experience I have acquired playing bass).
    • By mart3442
      Final price drop: £1500 to go

      Bought from a fellow basschatter a couple of years ago. A very late '77/early '78 factory fretless Fender Precision. (Serial no says 1977, neck and pickup dates say 1978)....
      In great condition for a 42 year old Bass, the finish has sunk into the grain in parts on the body, a few little marks here and there, and some lacquer chips on the headstock, but no major dings anywhere.
      Judging by the crazing in the headstock lacquer, I'd say it's been finished in nitro cellulose.
      The scratchplate has a slight warp in it, which isn't unusal for this era.
      The nut has been changed to brass, a long time ago from the looks of it, and likewise, the bridge barrels have also been replaced with brass items. Other than those, and some of the scratchplate and pickup screws, this is a very original instrument.
      The fingerboard has just been reshot and dressed to the correct radius by Mike Smith Guitars, Southport, and is a lovely piece of highly grained Rosewood, in perfect condition, that plays like new.
      Weight is typical Fender fretless fare, I'd say between 9 and 10 pounds. Not as heavy as the maple necked one I sold on here a few years ago, but meaty enough.
      A semi rigid case is included with the Bass, but for an extra £60, I'll throw in a Hiscox instead.
      Happy to courier, (I estimate £30-35 with insurance extra), or any buyer may collect.
      Any questions, please ask.


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