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9 hours ago, Woodinblack said:

Yep, almost evererything has a high pass filter on it (except the bass drum when we mic that up). The bass doesn't go in the PA (well, it does but only for IEMs, not for the speakers).

I think the guitar would sound better if I set the high pass filter higher than 80Hz. I was thinking maybe 15kHz :D


Perfect 😅

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And do what Jack says - get a Prodipe TT1 MIC  -the Pro or the regular one with the switch, they really are a hidden jewel £35. Ya can’t go wrong!

We use a single ALTO 212s 12” sub with QSC 8”s. It really helps out.

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I have no idea who told me about the Prodipe TT1 but I'm very enthusiastic about how much better they are than the 58

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    • By VTypeV4
      I've got a half built enclosure that was originally going to be a very compact 4x12 for guitar. It belonged to a friend but he lost interest in the project and I've had it ever since. My plan is to slightly re-engineer it as a 2x12 + HF and have it as a 'vintage looking but modern sounding' bass cab.
      It measures 27 x 27 x 14 internal inches which gives around 180 litres (ish) box volume. I'm happy to make it vented or sealed - which ever suits the chosen drivers best plus it doesn't need to flat down to 38Hz, a usable response down to about 65Hz is more than adequate for my requirements. I'm trying to voice the cab similar to my existing SWR cabs by having a slightly 'dull' sounding 12" that rolls off at about 2kHz (or lower) causing a slight dip before the HF component picks up at 3.5kHz. I already have a passive HPF from a Hartke cab that is 12dB / oct at 3.5kHz.
      Normally I'd crack out my copy of Eminence designer but I've recently changed computer and it doesn't like it. Real shame as I've lost all the updated T/S specs from Eminence too.
      My preferred speaker is usually Celestion as they seem to have the performance / price point just about right plus my experience with them has been very positive through the years. I'm happy to consider models from all companies if they're suitable and not horribly expensive.
      Can anyone offer any driver suggestions / sealed / vented / tuning frequency as a starting point? Power handling is not a massive concern either - The biggest amp it will be driven with is a 200w valve amplifier plus I'm not trying to kill anyone at 50 feet!
      Many thanks, Matt.
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