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SOLD: Marleaux Consat Sopran 4 string soprano bass - 22.5" scale
High Wycombe

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For sale because I sadly just don't play it enough and have spent far too much money recently...I have pinched virtually all of the below text from the original seller (three, hope he doesn't mind but will reword if he does, it was just a very well worded listing and I didn't think I could better it). I have at least done my own pics but three's even nicer pics are still on the original listing here: 


A beautiful Marleaux Sopran bass in fantastic, almost mint condition.  These are really quite rare and quite special.  Tuned an octave up from standard, there's a beautiful piano like quality to each note (a characteristic that extends to chordal work).  Can be used with an octave pedal to achieve standard bass tones (though works best with a high quality unit - Eventide etc.) Build quality is stunning - everything you'd expect of a custom hand-built from Marleaux.  Some specs (taken from the Marleaux site):

  • 3 piece maple neck - 4 string - separated with Wenge.
  • 6 point bolt-on neck
  • matching headstock
  • rosewood fretboard with 24 frets, 57 cm (22.44") scale.
  • Burl poplar top (gorgeous figuring) on two piece figured walnut body with ergonomic shaping
  • passive
  • single humbucker from Delano
  • black from ETS/Schaller
  • Strap locks

Neck measurement

  • Scale:       570 mm / 22.44"
  • Nut:         40 mm / 1.57"
  • 12. fret:   50 mm / 1.97"
  • 24. fret:   55 mm / 2.17"
  • Bridge:     54 mm (2.13")  / 18 mm (0.71") each string

Excellent condition with only very minor playwear - essentially (a) a couple of tiny indentations on the rear bottom of the bass near the side jack socket - it wasn't possible to photograph these - there really are small, and (b) some string-end scrapes on the headstock from re-stringing (there when I bought the bass).  New strings are available via Thoman for around £20.

Incredibly good fun, light and extremely easy to play.  The original, dedicated gig bag (Warwick Rockbass with Marleaux branding) is included in the sale, as are the hex keys.  I don't have the original paperwork/receipts etc.  Take a look at http://marleaux-bass.com/marleaux-bass_consat_sopran.html for further details.


Am selling for the same price I paid for it and it includes a spare set of Marleaux strings (I restrung it with a set as well) and three's original set of baritone strings.


Can be collected from high Wycombe or central London, other mutually convenient locations could be arranged.










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29 minutes ago, wombatboter said:

Is it just volume or is it stacked ?

It's stacked 🙂

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