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Strange one : T bass by Status Preamp I think


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Hi All 

Bought a second hand Trace Elliott T bass made by Status . Had a few issue to say the least. Had to the glue the nut and battery box and resolve a shield/ ground issue but all sorted bar one.

When I plug the bass into an amp it takes about a minute for sound to come through.. once I have sound it’s solid but it’s almost like a valve amp warming up. I have used different basses and cables and it’s only with this bass this happens . The Jack which is surface mounted seems solid as wiggling the cable has no effect.if I  unplug the cable from the jack of the bass ,the no sound again, it takes another minute and again the sound comes alive 

The pre amp by Status seem intact with nothing loose

Any guidance would be great appreciated 




All the best



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My first reaction would be to check out the capacitors, in particular the electrolytics. Those are the components which tend to age more quickly than anything else. It could also be worthwhile buying a can of freezer and giving the critical components a quick blast in turn to see if the state of operation changes. Equally you can use the tip of the soldering iron on the metal can part of the electrolytic for a couple of seconds to see if that causes the audio path to start up quicker. 

Let us know how you get on.

Also thanks to Hellzero as well for putting up a copy of the schematic. Most useful.🙂

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