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Get a load of these funky bassists from Scary Pockets ...

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I though I'd pretty much heard it all when it comes to basslines but I have been taken to school by the many amazing bassists used on the Scary Pockets and Pamplamoose funk covers.

They all have amazing groove and in-the-pocket-ness and it's a joy to watch the musicians nodding and smiling and giving cues and signals to each other as they play.

Here are my top picks for the bassists. Usually I have linked towards the end of the track when things are building up and getting fruity. All P-bass, all the time!

Sam Wilkes

Nick Lawrence

Joe Ayoub


And while we're here, Jacob Collier's recent bass playing is also becoming fascinating, in part because he is a keyboard player but he sure has interesting lines when he picks up a bass:

Jacob Collier

Rob Mullarkey plays in his band and is on fire with his Moollon in this section:



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13 hours ago, edwn said:

Jacob Collier

I don't know why, but he's becoming increasingly annoying to me... Sure, he plays well - but he's by no means the best; it's just that he has to play everything in such a "look-at-me" way. It seems to be less about the music about more about him.

And I've got no problem with musician-as-entertainer - I'm a huge Bootsy fan! Just that he doesn't have the coolness to pass it off as something more than looking like he's gagging for a piddle!

Each to there own - I'm sure some find him most endearing...

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