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SOLD ! Warwick streamer LX jazzman 4 string EMG upgraded

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Bass made in 2007 

upgraded with Emg active pickup and Emg wiring (vol, tone for each pickup) 

the MM pickup is switchable to single coils.

body is made of ash and maple figured top..  and wenge neck and fingerboard.

the bass sound great and the playability is stunning.

this is a player bass with a lot of dings made by the owner before me, but nothing affect the sound and playability.

More pics on request

















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Nice bass. That is like an old one. Wenge neck, not Ovangkol. 

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+1, the neck grain does look like Wenge more than Ovangkol to my eyes as well.

Either way great looking bass 👍🏼

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    • By big rob
      Claas Leviathan Custom 4. Handmade in Germany Info: https://claasguitars.com
      Neck and Fretboard: Flammed Maple.
      SeymoreDuncan Musicman and Jazz Pickup.
      Richter 3-Band EQ.
      The bass is in good condition and the frets are like new.
      The jazz pickup and preamp are modifications from the original bass.
      She may look from the future and has all the modern tones but can also do old school really well.
      Looking for £1600 £1250 , down from £1850 might consider other trades or partial trades (cash my way).

    • By big rob
      This is one awesome bass.
      So the story on this one, the previous owner found and purchased an unfinished nightingale with one pickup.
      He went to Bernier Goodfellow at GB basses and had the bass finished and a new old stock nightingale pickup fitted and an agular opb3 preamp fitted.
      This made sense as Bernie was a partner in the nightingale basses enterprise making these basses by hand.
      Then onto the paint shop for one of the best paint finishes i have ever seen, totally flawless.
      She is light with a fantastic sound and a really lovely snake wood fret board.
      To look at you would think she was made yesterday.
      This is one great bass but i always go back to my status series 3 as i am a creature of habit.
      Would consider trades or partial trades with cash my way, however cash is king.

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      Has anyone seen this? 
      I'm curious to try one out, also i would love to see some German built fanned fret ones, especially in the Streamer or Thumb model, even though i assume the prices will rival the Dingwalls.
      While the scale extension doesn't seem to be that big, only 1.5 inch, it makes a difference in other real life situations, but will it enhance that B string Warwick growl we all look like?
      What do you guys think?
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      Bass Guitar mags from 2017 issues 141 & 142-149
      3 x Classic Rock magsfrom 2015 issues 212 - 216
      Mesa/Boogie 2004 & 2010 catalogues
      Warwick catalogue (unknown year)
      Pick up from Woking/Guildford (Surrey) area.
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      EMG 40TWX Pickup with all the accessories - £90 including shipping.
      Bought but never installed and now surplus to requirements.
      All details for this pickup can be found here: https://www.emgpickups.com/40twx.html
      Summary: two pickups in one - single coil and humbucker. Comes with volume pull/push pot and active tone control. All wires and fixings included. Uses a 102mm wide housing. Will happily work on a four or five string bass as the pickups has rails rather than individual pole pieces. Was intended for a four string Cort and would have been a drop-in replacement.
      Gotoh 201b 4-string bridge in black.
      Sold out in lots of places, so get yours here for only £33 including shipping. Bridge only, no screws. Perfect retro fit for a Fender bass.

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