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On 13/12/2019 at 10:52, Ted Theodore Logan, III said:

Gotta love initiative!!  :i-m_so_happy:

Not really.

That's the listed average weight. Cabs can be a lot heavier than the specs say on websites. Seller should give the weight of the actual cab IMO.

Just pointing this out because ive been reading about the CN212 cabs, which are advertised as 46lbs, but some owners report anything up to 55lbs.

My F112 is also heavier than stated on the Tricky audio website.


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13 minutes ago, dave_bass5 said:

ive been reading about the CN212 cabs, which are advertised as 46lbs, but some owners report anything up to 55lbs.

Well... ...it is quite obvious...





These “owners" are blatant liars!! 


Probably either looking for some money back or just a bit of attention...


Some people... ¬¬


17 minutes ago, dave_bass5 said:

My F112 is also heavier than stated on the Tricky audio website.

You must have the deluxe version!!  

They put a small bag of sand in the base of the cab to add clarity to the lows and mids...


“Right on!!" If you managed to get it for the same price as the standard!!! :i-m_so_happy:

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    • By jasperjames
      Super Twelve T (black steel grill) gen 2, forbear of the Super Twin.
      Bought new in 2012, and lightly gigged - mostly for practice at home.
      Upgraded Super Twelve “T” model with high quality tweeter with custom built crossovers.
      Also upgraded neodymium drivers.
      I absolutely love this cab, only 18kg, fits neatly in the car boot and sounds insane - sorry to part with it but haven't had much excuse to play in recent times.
      It even has wheels!
      Black grill and front edges showing a bit of wear (see pictures) from a few scrapes on the road, but overall in good condition and sounding fab.
      Original spec: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/super-twelve.htm
      Collection from Portsmouth (PO4, Southsea area) - any questions just shout  

    • By lee650
      Well I'm finally coming to the conclusion that I don't really need a loud high end rig for the pub gigs I do. And I use in ears for theatre stuff.
      So up for sale is my very cool rig,with a mind to getting a 112 combo 😁
      Bergantino AE 210
      Really not sure about this as it's been one of my fave cabs,but I'm finding it overkill
      it's a compact and light 2x10 Neo cab which has a lot of bottom end for its size and fits very snugly onto the smallest stages. I've used this on pit gigs/large tours and function gigs and it's always sounds warm and clean. It also comes with the optional extra cover (costs £60)which while a little tatty as it's been busy works as it should. Few tiny little bits of tolex missing on the bottom,otherwise in great condition.
      £435 posted to your door!
      Epifani UL501.
      High end class A/B amp, which is small and very light. 
      It's 800 watts at 4 ohm and 500 at 8 ohm so loads of power and headroom on tap. Very simple but powerful 3 band EQ with a very effective mid cut control based at 800hz  it also has a switchable treble frequency so it can go from glassy hifi to a lower treble with a thicker sound.
      The overall tone is warm with a lot of clarity. A freind described Epifani as a nice middle ground between EBS and Aguilar,i think that's a very accurate description, its also very similar sounding to the Glockenklang Blue soul I used to use. 
      I bought a brand new Gator mixer bag for it, which I will include. 
      Wanting a firm £435 incl UK postage
      I would also part trade for a high quality light 1x12(Bergantino AE/CN112 would be great) and cash or a good 1x12 combo. Ideally looking for GK or Markbass. I will also reduce the price by £30 on both of these,if collected from Morecambe.

    • By SimBass
      Markbass Traveler 151P bass cab. I have owned this from new (bought from Electro Music in Doncaster RIP), used but very well looked after, no scrapes on the grill and the cover is in very good condition.
      This is a great speaker, super portable. I've done many gigs with this as my only speaker but it sounds even better when I had it paired up with my 2x10.
      Only selling due to my recent purchase of a pair of Bergantino cabs.
      Would prefer pick up from South Lincolnshire but will consider meeting half way within reason. Will post if required but will be at the cost of the buyer.
      Any questions, please let me know.
      It is the shape previous to the current one (square from the front) still with tweeter, rear porting and tweeter volume control.
      Height: 45cm
      Width: 45cm
      Depth: 48cm
      Power handling: 400W RMS
      8 ohms
      Weight: 16.8kg
      15" neo speaker

    • By Petey
      Here we have my trusted USA made 2x10 Ampeg cab, 8 Ohm and 250/500 Watts . I used to use this with another Ampeg 2x10 (but moved that one on some years ago), and have since only used this one for home practice - low volume. You can see from the pictures it is in wonderful condition, original speakers, good working castors complete with cover. I have shown a picture of the inside of the grill as they were known for the wood frame splitting at the bottom (not the case here). The vertical and horizontal white lines on the frame are 'just lines' and not anything else... Collection only from Southbourne (near Emsworth, just east of Portsmouth on the South Coast). - come down and make a day of it- i'll take you round the Emwortth foreshore and have a coffee - FREE of charge 

    • By TrioRec
      Immaculate BAREFACED ONETEN at good saving on the £399 cost. 
      I bought two of these but have only been out with the pair once, a single Oneten is that good! ... hence the sale.
      Hardly used, unmarked, with original packaging.
      And yes, they are as good as everyone says they are...

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