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On 13/12/2019 at 10:52, Ted Theodore Logan, III said:

Gotta love initiative!!  :i-m_so_happy:

Not really.

That's the listed average weight. Cabs can be a lot heavier than the specs say on websites. Seller should give the weight of the actual cab IMO.

Just pointing this out because ive been reading about the CN212 cabs, which are advertised as 46lbs, but some owners report anything up to 55lbs.

My F112 is also heavier than stated on the Tricky audio website.


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13 minutes ago, dave_bass5 said:

ive been reading about the CN212 cabs, which are advertised as 46lbs, but some owners report anything up to 55lbs.

Well... ...it is quite obvious...





These “owners" are blatant liars!! 


Probably either looking for some money back or just a bit of attention...


Some people... ¬¬


17 minutes ago, dave_bass5 said:

My F112 is also heavier than stated on the Tricky audio website.

You must have the deluxe version!!  

They put a small bag of sand in the base of the cab to add clarity to the lows and mids...


“Right on!!" If you managed to get it for the same price as the standard!!! :i-m_so_happy:

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    • By lee650
      Bergantino AE 210
      it's a compact and light 2x10 Neo cab which has a lot of bottom end for its size and fits very snugly onto the smallest stages. I've used this on pit gigs/large tours and function gigs and it's always sounds warm and clean. It also comes with the optional extra cover (costs £60). Few little bits of tolex missing on the bottom and sides,otherwise in good  condition.
      I would trade/part trade for a good kickback combo preferably Ashdown OriginAL C210-300 Or a Markbass 210 combo.
      AE 210 Info
      •2 x 10" Custom Neodymium Driver with 7oz magnet and vented pole pieces
      •high intelligibility 1" tweeter
      •custom phase - coherent crossover with tweeter level control
      •power handling - 400 watts rms
      •frequency response:40Hz - 15kHz
      •sensitivity: 100db • 1 watt/1 meter
      •2 x 1/4" and 2 x neutrik connectors
      •impedance: 8 ohms
      •dimensions: 22 3/4" W x 18" H x 12 1/2" D
      •55.9cm x 45.7cm x 31.75cm
      •weight: 40lbs/18 Kgs

    • By Alfie Noakes
      **On hold**
      My modular Orange revolution continues - I’m after two OBC112s, so I can just use one for more intimate moments, and both when needed. Hence, the Berg has to go, to fund this. No trades, please (unless you’ve got two new black Orange OBC112 cabs). I can’t ship, due to size/weight/worry/lack of box, but will meet halfway within reason, or further for a fuel contribution.
      It’s in VGC bar a tiny dink on the rear RHS as per the photo, works perfectly, and sounds terrific. I’ve cribbed the tech spec from @Dood’s ad - hope that’s okay, sir, and here it is:
      From one of the finest bass cabinet designers of the 21st Century comes a new range of lightweight cabinets using cutting edge Neodymium speaker technology coupled with advanced lightweight cabinet design. Using only the highest grade lightweight void free Baltic birch and precision built custom drivers, this new range of cabinets from Bergantino Audio are already another hugely popular addition from this established company.
      The Bergantino Audio Systems ‘Carbon Neo’ CN series of lightweight speaker cabinets nod their head to the traditional HD series but have a different function. These are the lightest speaker cabinets that we make. The precision tuned cabinet architecture and the enclosures are built with the finest lightweight Italian poplar plywood (with Baltic birch baffle boards) selected to our specifications. This lightweight cabinet material (along with the lightweight magnet material) helps reduce the overall cabinet weight. The lightweight carbon covering is used for cabinet cover material and is also lighter than the traditional tolex covering found on most speaker cabinets. A rigid black grille is added to protect the drivers from damage.
      The internal components used are extremely high quality and they are of Bergantino design. No ‘off-the-shelf’ parts are used. Woofers with Neodymium magnet material are used for the low frequency section of the CN series cabinets. The Neodymium drivers have a punchier low-end and a very sweet midrange that is placed a little more forward in the sound field when compared to the HD series. Fretless and upright players will often prefer the CN cabinets because of how the midrange ‘speaks’ with their instruments. The CN series cabinets have a high intelligibility tweeter mated to the woofers through a custom designed phase-coherent crossover with a tweeter control. Because of the increased cost of the Neodymium magnet material, imported wood for the cabinetry and the unique covering material, the CN series speakers cost more than the HD series, but may just be the right match for your playing style and weight needs.
      Model CN212 specifications: 
      •2 x 12" Custom Neodymium drivers with 7 oz magnets
      •high intelligibility 1" tweeter
      •custom phase - coherent crossover with tweeter level control
      •Precision tuned 100% Baltic Birch cabinet
      •power handling - 700 watts rms
      frequency response: tbc
      •sensitivity: tbc db @ 1 Watt/1 meter
      •2 x 1/4" and 2 x neutrik connectors
      •impedance:  4 ohms
      •dimensions: 31"H x 18-1/2"W x 15"D
      •79cm x 46cm x 38cm
      •weight: 46lbs/20 Kgs

    • By Alfie Noakes
      **** Reduced to £900 ****
      Bergantino B|Amp for sale. One year old and in fabulous condition, with manual, Bergantino bag and original box. It still has the plastic screen protector and USB port plug, and the firmware is current, I believe. No issues, a truly superb amp - check out the reviews - only I’ve fallen for something Orange and lunchbox shaped (don’t!), so this has to go.
      Would prefer to do a socially distanced meet, within reason (Bristol, Exeter) or further afield for a fuel contribution. Will ship, but at your cost/risk, and I’ll insist on insurance. No trades please. It’s priced fairly, and you’re saving over £250 on a new one. Check out my feedback if you want, as I’m a regular of this ‘ere parish.
      Here’s the official Berg bumph:
      The new Bergantino B|Amp (pronounced “bee‐amp”) is a game changer in the Bass Amplification industry!
      The Bergantino Audio Systems’ B|Amp is an incredibly flexible, state‐of-the‐art Bass Amplifier, delivering maximum performance in a compact package. The B|Amp takes a completely new approach to bass amplification by considering and including the speaker cabinet’s response as part of the amplification signal path. No other bass amplifier on the market has the ability to manage speaker and overall system performance like the B|AMP. This is accomplished through our Proprietary Profile EQ system along with many other important and useful design features including:
      DSP, Embedded System Controlled, Bass Amplifier
      •Multifunction Tone Controls
      •LCD Display
      •Multifunction Tone Controls: 4 band eq with adjustable frequency range
      •Bass: +/- 9db variable from 40Hz - 120Hz
      •Lo Mid: +/‐ 9dB Variable from 150Hz - 800Hz
      •Hi Mid: +/‐ 9dB Variable from 800Hz - 3KHz
      •Treble: +/‐ 9dB Variable from 3KHz - 8KHz
      •Programmable Filters
      •Programmable bright switch: +3db to + 12db in 1bd increments variable from 2kHz - 10kHz in 500Hz increments
      •Variable High Pass Filter adjustable from 30Hz - 80Hz in 2bd increments
      •Variable Feedback Filter: Adjustable from to -6db to -12db in 1db increments Frequency range from E1(41hz) to G3 (196Hz) in hlaf step increments off
      •Programmable Chromatic Tuner stable down to low B fundimental 
      •Auxiliary input and headphone output jack for personal monitor and practise use
      •Studio quality DI output, software selectable pre or post eq
      •Software selection line output (preamp or tuner out)
      •Effects send and return
          • USB Port
               - Load Custom Speaker Profiles
               - Software Upgradable
               - Expandable Architecture
      •700-Watt RMS Power Section at 4Ω, 800w at 2.67 Ω, 800W at 2Ω
      •UPS Universal power supply 115VAC = 240VAV 50/60Hz
      •Software selectable speaker impedance matching for optimal power transfer down to 2 Ω minimum load.
      •Dimensions (HxWxD) - 10.5” x 8.375” x 3.75”
      •Weight: 6.5lb/4kg

    • By onehappybunny
      Owned from new. Outstanding condition as they've been relatively unused other than a few practices and then kept in my house. (will post some pics when I get a chance)
      Lightweight (10kg each!), well built cabs with an articulate, rich and powerful sound. When powered by my GK MB800 amp they more than held their own in loud rehearsals (drummer not very subtle!), with loads of headroom to spare. This set up is a bit loud for only practising at home!
      Price includes:
      2 x TKS S112 Cabs (specs below) 2 x TKS padded covers 2 x high-quality speakon connecting cables. Asking for £600 for the pair. Would prefer not to split. Amp not included in price, but feel free to make an offer if interested.
      Impedance: 8 Ω Power handling (high average power test signal): 250 W RMS Recommended amplifier power: 150-300 W RMS @ 8 Ω Sensitivity[average]: 99 dB SPL @ 1W/1m Sensitivity[100Hz]: 98 dB SPL @ 1W/1m Sensitivity[max]: 103 dB SPL @ 1,5 kHz, 1W/1m Frequency response (-10db): 46 Hz - 4,8 kHz Displacement: 258 cm³ Measurements (WxHxD): 52x38x33 cm Weight: 10 kg
    • By Baloney Balderdash
      So I am pondering on getting either the Mooer Radar or the HoTone IR Cab cab simulator pedal for going direct.
      They both got a ton of features and both supports use of 3rd party IR's.
      The HoTone got more bass cabs to chose from from stock though, and while they are both using 24 bit digital audio resolution, the HoTone does use slightly higher sample rate 48 vs. 44.1KhZ for the Mooer.
      The Mooer got 11 mic types to chose from and 4 poweramp types, while the HoTone got 10 mic types and 8 poweramp types, and while the Mooer got a dedicated EQ function,that allows you to chose from either a guitar or a bass specific 5 band graphic EQ, or a a fully parametric 4 band one, both kinds including a HPF and LPF, , the HoTone doesn't have a dedicated EQ function.
      The HoTone has a maximum truncation time (IR sample length) of 20ms,  the same number for the Mooer, with the newest firmware update, is 23,2ms.
      For some reason, even if I don't really have much to base that assumption on, to me the HoTone seems of slightly higher quality, despite actually being slightly cheaper (I might be completely wrong though, a dedicated EQ section would definitely be a nice addition, which the Mooer got, and I am probably going to load whichever pedal I end up buying with some third party IR of the exact cab I want anyway, so the HoTone having more stock options for bass cab simulations might not be all that much of a real advantage after all).
      So to sum up what seems to be in each pedals respectively favor over the other:
       HoTone IR Cab:
      - More stock IR bass cab simulations
      - Double as many poweramp models than the Mooer (8 vs 4)
      -  It utilizes an ever so slightly higher sample rate (48kHz vs. 44,1kHz)
      - Allows to easily swap between different saved presets on the fly with your foot (though I personally will have absolutely no use for this)
      - (Not sure if the Mooer doesn't have this in some form as well, but it seems like the HoTone has a form of room ambience simulation too that can be applied in more or lesser degree)
      - (Also seems to allow for a bit more precise mic placement/disstance than the Mooer, but again not 100% sure if this is correct)
      - Slightly higher maximum IR sample length (23,2ms vs 20ms)
      - Got 1 more mic model
      - Has a dedicated stand alone EQ function, both a bass and a guitar specific 5 band graphic EQ, or a fully parametric 4 band EQ, both kinds including a LPF and HPF.
      Both features 24bit digital audio quality, both allows for use of 3rd party IR's, both allows you to chose from several different microphone models and types, as well as the volume, position and distance of the mics, or choosing not to have the cab miked up all together, as well as both allows you to chose from different emulated poweramp sections, and tweakable input, output and presence controls for these, as well as you have the option for choosing between different tube types, or chose not to use a poweramp emulation at all.
      Anyone with more knowledge about these two pedals, or even first hand experience, who can advice me on which one I probably would be best off buying? 
      Other suggestions at about the same price tag are welcome too.
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