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  1. Bloody lovely bass. Are there any sound clips of this one out there? Sadowsky pre...so does that mean with the vintage tone control? What's the nut width? Thanks!
  2. Yep. Very similar scenario. I knew it would be a good buy up to a certain point but was reluctant to go up past 2k for a bass essentially sight unseen. I've seen a D5 go on here for £1500. Of course that was when I didn't have the scratch 😃.
  3. Denzel


    What about a Lakland skyline 44-64? Must be able to spec fiesta red and tort scratch. OK it's going to be a poly finish but the specs can't be too discimilar being based on a 64P? I've got a USA 55-64 and its a killer bass but yeah more in line with the fender custom shop basses price wise.
  4. Yep. Came out about £1900 Inc fees. I didn't want to go any further than that. It's always the afterthought...just another £50 would have got it...but that can go on and on with auctions. It's all over very quickly too. Yeah you can view anything you want or order a brochure of the listings you are interested in.
  5. Just wondering if anyone who frequents here bought the Rob Allen Deep 5 that was at Gardiner Houlgate guitar auction yesterday? I bid but narrowly missed out unfortunately. Been after one of these for years. Looked like a stunning example of Robs earlier work. https://auctions.gardinerhoulgate.co.uk/catalogue/lot/389324ab6e54094a567416f87148478c/63b778f7668dabe928d3800924a99077/the-guitar-auction-online-only-two-day-sale-includi-lot-313/
  6. That's a great looking bass. Any sound examples of the Delano pickups compares to the Barts? Cheers!
  7. That really is stunning. Good luck selling mate. ❤
  8. ***£1900*** until 18:00 Thursday 10th September then being withdrawn.
  9. Took a bit of a break from bumping this ad but this lovely bass is still available and open to offers. No trades. Thanks!
  10. Nice combination of elements to this bass. Do you have any audio available of it in action? What are the wood specs? Thanks!
  11. Regarding string spacing this bass will be 17.5mm. Good luck with the sale!
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