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Jonathan Bee

SOLD: Source Audio OFD Bass Micromodeler £45 inc PP

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Price includes UK postage.

In good condition, but without original box or power supply (runs off standard 9V DC).

I got this to delve into overdrive and distortion but just end up using the gated fuzz, and my Mastotron has that covered. 



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    • By Marky Screen
      Demuirge Instuments hand wired Hudson Broadcast dual clone - Faithful and slimline clone of the Hudson Broadcast. Amazing transformer coupled OD/preamp pedal. Has a 2nd footswitch to toggle between low and hi gain modes.

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      I've seen this pedal on guitar guitar on sale. Unfortunately I'm not close enough to try it. How does it compare to say boss bb1 or bb1x, mxr overdrive or ehx battalion? I have tried the Boss and mxr. 
      Should I just save up for tech 21 sansamp?
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      For sale a very good distortion pedal. Separate low and high dist. and boost. High quality. Very rare, so......
      I’m simplifying my set-up and this also has to go. The pedal is in good condition and 100% functional. 
      200 pounds including postage to the UK or Europe. In original box. 

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      Can post any item at buyers expense. Thanks for looking!
      EBS Microbass 3 - £280
      Brand new with box, instructions and power supply. Brief home use only. 
      Darkglass Microtubes Vintage - £120
      #763. With box. 
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      Boss FBM1 - £90
      Fender Bassman sounds in a pedal-sized format. With box. 
      Fuzzrocious Demon - £110
      Second gated boost footswitch and HPF/LPF switch. 
      Will update post properly when I get a minute.
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