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15" Cab Ideas / Suggestions Pls

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51 minutes ago, Chienmortbb said:

On a tangential note (try  playing one of those), how do you find the Roto Flats?

I only put them on a couple of days ago and have played them for just a few hours so I'm still forming a full opinion.  I replaced a set of Chromes that I'd taken off a 5 string J bass but didn't really fit on the P (actually it's a PJ).

In honesty Rotosound wouldn't been a brand I would normally consider for flats.   I was one of the winners of the Basschat Rotosound competition and since I don't play with rounds these days I didn't fancy the Swing Bass 66's so I opted for these as my prize :).  

Initial impressions were they were really bright for flatwounds.  The EQ on my P is a bit weird and in passive mode it doesn't have a tone control so initially I was a bit on the fence about them.  That being said I'd tried Deep Talkin' Bass and the Chromes on this bass and hadn't liked either of them very much either.  However, this morning I played with the EQ on the amp, put a slight cut on the mids, and dropped the treble right down to 9 O' Clock and I was getting a tone I was really digging.  Not just for the Motown stuff but also for some southern / classic rock I'm practising for an upcoming jam night with some ex-band buddies.   

It was the first time I've got a sound from that bass that I was really into.   I'll take this bass along to the Jam night in a few weeks along with my go-to Sandberg PJ (which is strung with my favourite strings, Cobalt Flats) to see how it compares at volume.

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On 07/09/2019 at 19:13, PJ-Bassist said:

I had a Super Compact and didn't get on with it; although I will concede it was super light and very efficient.

Ah so that's why I've ended up with it!

It's still super light - unlike me doesn't seem to put on any weight 😀😂

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I would echo the Boogie diesel 15 but confess I also had a good sound out of an Ampeg PF15, the flip top cab. Cheaper than the Boogie and even the right make!!

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