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ABM 600 and Zilla cab head sold
Market Harborough

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The realisation has come that I'm not gigging and keeping this rig is not really the best option.

Custom vertical blue tolex zilla 2x12 with BN12-300s speakers, It's a 4ohm 600watt cab that isn't to heavy to shift on your own.

Has slight Mark's on the top from the rubber feet of the amp but great condition. 

Also ABM 600 VI cracking head that hasn't got the use it deserves great sound loads of power and suits the cab well. 

Any questions feel free to ask. 

650 the pair will trade for small home use setup ctm30 or bareface 1x10 etc 

Head sold 

Cab still available £325ono 








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Head sold cab available

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Head currently on hold (provisionally sold) until I can sort the details after I get back off holiday. 

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    • By Byo
      Hi there,
      I have an Ashdown Little Bastard 30w valve head that I am trying to pair with an Aguilar DB112 for home studio work and was wondering about what other LB users settings are.

      The EQ is still a mystery to me as I my main amp for years has been a Markbass Little Rocker 500 and that thing is really easy to dial in when compared to the LB.

      I have had a look over here and on Talkbass for the "flat" settings but there does not seem to be a general rule of thumb.
      For reference I use a variety of passive P and J basses with and without effects and I tend to look for a tone that has a hint of growl if you dig in with a pick but is stil fat and punchy when playing finger-style.
      All suggestions are welcome!

    • By Petey
      I bought this amp some years ago as a back-up to my main amp. Although I gigged it a few times,  whilst my main amp was in for a service, it has only seen a maximum of 4 gigs. It then became amp 3,4,5 and so on. In the meantime I spent some money on it purchasing (well over £100.00 and your gain as the amp has hardly been used since) - all direct from Ashdown
      8 new feet (4 for the side and 4 for the bottom)
      a new leather handle
      padded cover 
      x2 pedals  - change between the various options A - EQ on/off, pre set signature Ashdown sound & B Valve Drive and Sub Octave
      The amp has lots of features and packs a punch - at the time it was Ashdown's flagship amp. Whoever gets this amp will get a well cared for and up-together amp. If you're not used to this amount of power and quality of tone, this amp will elevate your sound within the band and give your tone authority. This is the twin amp (2x 575w) model - I always admired  these amps and identified it as the 4 fan version (if you look at the others in that range they have 1 or 2 fans and NOT 4 as the more powerful amp has).
      Please note current PAT test sticker ( I have ALL my gigging equipment PAT tested yearly as I play so many venues that first ask for Public Liability Insurance and PAT test docs). If you require tech specs then there are lots on line, or more detailed photos, please PM me and I'll ping them over. I put reflective stickers on the two foot pedals so I knew what was what  on stage - they can easily be removed - but this highlights the availability of choice of the  EQ section, the Ashdown Pre-set tone option, Valve Drive and Sub Octave to you mid performance.
      Located just east of Portsmouth on the South Coast (West Sussex) . A cash deal would be my preference but I could be up for trades, depends on what you have to offer - collection only.

    • By javi_bassist
      Hi guys,
      I have been playing ampless for the last two years. However, I have an Ashdown Spyder 330 and I wanted to experiment today with it. I plugged my bass to the amp and the send of the amp to my computer. The thing is, I thought the Gain should have affected the output, but it didn't. Actually, none of the controls seemed to affect the signal. It kinda sucks because I wanted to use that cool preamp with the power section of my RM500 (in the weird cases that the 330 wouldn't be enough). However, it doesn't seem it won't work.
      I think I read somewhere that the effects send and return of the Spyder came before the preamp. Is that right?
    • By jasperjames
      Super Twelve T (black steel grill) gen 2, forbear of the Super Twin.
      Bought new in 2012, and lightly gigged - mostly for practice at home.
      Upgraded Super Twelve “T” model with high quality tweeter with custom built crossovers.
      Also upgraded neodymium drivers.
      I absolutely love this cab, only 18kg, fits neatly in the car boot and sounds insane - sorry to part with it but haven't had much excuse to play in recent times.
      It even has wheels!
      Black grill and front edges showing a bit of wear (see pictures) from a few scrapes on the road, but overall in good condition and sounding fab.
      Original spec: https://barefacedbass.com/product-range/super-twelve.htm
      Collection from Portsmouth (PO4, Southsea area) - any questions just shout  

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