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Slap That Bass!

Here is an introduction to slap technique on the bass. We will cover how to get you started with slap thumb technique. 

Add instant funk with this awesome technique. Put on some fresh strings and get involved! 

Download the exercises and slap patterns down, in PDF form, from the video description on YouTube. 

Click the link for the full lesson. 

Let’s get funky! 



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Thanks Greg, again. I'm no slapper ;) but there are parts of the technique I want in my tool-box. I've watched a number of videos on the topic but none until now explained the contact point of your thumb. It's details like this that make the difference. Also many other vids get you popping well before the thumb technique is properly nailed.

Good material here, recommended 👍


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Great, glad you are finding the lesson useful. Sure you aren’t just a tiny bit of a slapper? 🙂

I agree, that it’s so important to nail the thumb, in the slap technique. That’s going to give the solid groove. 

The popping lesson is coming in a few week, so get practicing! 😀

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