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72-74 Greco Precision Bass Now £380.00

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Here for sale Is my Greco vintage P Bass,  It was imported by me as a bit of a project. It palys superd with a really low action and strung with cobalt flats(V expensive). It has a few age related marks on it as would be expected but minimal fret wear. It has been fitted with Gotoh pre aged tuners, v mod pickups and a modern wiring loom. The nut is 40/41 mm and weight is 3.69 KG.

Postage and packing is £20.00













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    • By bassintheface
      Now £3000.00
      Hello all!
      This is a feeler for the sale my awesome condition 1973 / 74 Fender Jazz bass in Sunburst.
      Its RW board, block inlays and bound.
      Photos are here in my photobucket album - 
      http://s1341.photobucket.com/user/bassintheface/library/Fender Jazz Bass 1973 - 1974
      It's in really excellent condition with only a couple of minor chips which I've tried to clearly show on the pics.
      The serial number on the neck plate is 509063 which is 1973 / 1974 which puts it as one of the last 4 bolt neck versions out of Fullerton before they went to the bullet truss rod and 3 bolt neck in 1974 / 75.
      The CTS pot codes date the bass to 5th Week 1974 - Jan / Feb (1377405) so the feedback on the age was that it was likely put together very late 1973 or very early 1974 - as you know with Fender around this time, its a combination of date stamps that help you get an age of an instrument.
      It comes with a generic hardcase and re issue versions of the pickup cover and ashtray from a USA 70's reissue.
      I will get neck end photos and pickup photos - from memory, you can only see a stamp on the bridge pickup now since the rewind of the neck pick up - its 5 years or so since Matt had it open, so will check  his photos and hopefully  add to the photobucket album above - if not, I'll have to get it opened up.
      I bought it from a friend around 5 or 6 years ago and the story was (note that this is completely unsubstantiated) that it belonged to Andy Scott of the Sweet and was used for recording /demos and never gigged, hence the condition. I really don't know if this is true and no one will ever know, but Andy Scott is from my hometown of Wrexham so it is plausible.
      The bass had been unplayed for a number of years prior to my purchase and upon getting it, the neck pickup didn't work and the elecs were intermittent and crackly.
      I swiftly sent it over to the very excellent Matthew John Bascetta in Chester - http://www.mjbluthier.co.uk/
      for a full clean, pro set up and a rewind of the neck pick up - Matt is also the guy behind the excellent 'House of Tone' pickups - https://www.houseoftonepickups.com/
      and he did a full rewind using period correct wire and hand winding, inc wax potting - you can see him at work below.
      It now plays beautifully and sounds, IMO awesome!  
      Feel free to ask any questions - I'd just appreciate PM's with an expression of interest initially as I really don't want to sell it being honest, but it lives at home (non smoking household) and  don't gig it our of fear of damaging it.
      You won't find many in this condition.
      No trades, viewing welcome.
      Cash on collection or bacs.
      I don't want to post this out of fear of it being damaged! 
    • By Slappindabass
      Up for sale is my Ashdown rig. Only used in reheasals so good condition. Maybe the odd scuff from loading. Nice and light. See datails here.
      Here is a picture with the 210
      Located in Kent ME9

    • By silverfoxnik
      Hi Folks 
      Don't often do this but with this one I thought I must.. 
      So, there I was in my local music shop in Bognor Regis (Mike's Music) buying some strings when I saw this hanging on the wall looking a bit unloved.. 
      Being the kind chap that he is, Mike let me have a trial with the bass and after spending some time with it at home, I realised it was a must have.. 
      As far as I can tell from the serial number, its a Made in Japan 1991/2 Fender Precision.
      Sounds great, beautiful Ash body and maple neck and is in brilliant condition for a 27 year old bass. 
      Happy days, or should I say, happy NBDs!  
      Thanks for looking.. 😊

    • By AaronLuke91
      Had this bass from new about 3/4 years now. Awesome looking, plays well, currently set up with D'Addario Chromes flats. 
      Has been gigged so it's not in brand new factory condition but that's to be expected. I've tried to get a picture of the worst mark, it's on the bottom of the bass so hardly visible. 
      I've also swapped out the tuners for Gotoh GB640 vintage style lightweight tuners. I'll leave these on the bass but will supply the original tuners as well. The Gotoh tuners cost around £90 to buy separately. 
      Only selling as I currently own two P basses, and this one doesn't get as much use. Seems a waste to have it sat around the house! 
      Any questions feel free to ask! Collection only, or can meet within a reasonable distance. Sorry not willing to post. 

    • By sunfish
      Sandberg JJ4 Sunburst Hardcore Aged
      Made in Germany in 2011.
      Spectacular looking and lovely to play.
      Great tone. All the usual sounds you’d expect from a “Jazz” bass but with extra depth and clarity if you want it.
      2 – piece Ash body
      6 bolt maple neck with rosewood fretboard
      22 frets
      Zero fret
      34” scale
      2 Delano Jazz type pickups
      Sandberg bridge
      Sandberg  tuners
      2- band active/ passive pre amp : 
      Controls are: Volume push-pull / Balance / Bass / Treble
      Weight 9.2lbs
      Possible trades. Must be under 8.5lbs. Jazz width neck. 
      I'm in Malvern, Worcestershire. Happy to meet up half way within reason.

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