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GR Bass - Any Feedback ?

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Hi, does anybody have any feedback on these Italian amps please.

I'm looking at the Dual 1400. It has two inputs which can be "blended" for want of a better word. I'm looking to split the inputs to the two outs and then use my stereo Ric, splitting the bass pup into 1 input and out to a 1 x 15 cab then using the treble pup into the remaining input and out to a 2 x 10 cab.

Clearly there aren't too many shops selling this gear and the nearest is some distance away. Feedback on the gear good or bad would be useful.


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Becky Baldwin who you will find on insta and her own website is one of their artists, she is based in the U.K.

You never know, she may have some intel

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Was at a jazz / blues venue a while back with a full set by Davide Shorty & The Fresh Prints. Great little band over here from Italy. Bass player was very good. The 'house' bass kit was Markbass (and my gigging combo was also a MB AC 121 Lite at the time).

Had a quick chat with him at the end of the night. He mentioned he had started using GR amps in place of Markbass and he found them to be really 'true' to what he was actually playing. I'd not come across them before and he suggested I check them out. So on the back of that I went ahead and I tried out a GR One 800 at Wunjos. Didn't set my pulse racing and certainly wasn't an improvement on MB for me. Sorry not to be any more enthusiastic about these heads! 


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