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Aria Pro II Integras **Withdrawn from sale - Please archive**
Southwell, Notts.

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Now withdrawn from sale - please archive.







I can’t believe I’m putting the twins up for sale!

Both late 80’s/early 90’s Korean Samick-made beauties - one JJ and one PJ. 

Few songs here and there as you’d expect, but fantastic slim Jazz style necks and light weight. Negligible fret wear. They sound the absolute dogs too. Whitey has brand new replacement Gotoh tuners. Strung with 45-105 Elixirs. 

£175 each. Add £25 UK postage. 

















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Withdrawn from sale.

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I used to know somebody who had one of these "back in the day". Swore by it...claimed it out performed basses of higher repute and price tag.


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Is that some kind of selector inbetween the tone pots on both basses, or is it a missing pot?  It's hard to make out from the photos? 

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It's a pickup selector. The plastic end bit is probably inside one of my dogs 😁

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Thanks.  I thought it was too much of a coincidence to be missing on both of them. 

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5 hours ago, Sammybass said:

So are you tempted to relive the 90's? 😂 

Oh, I'm definitely tempted.  I'm currently waiting to sell my Modulus before pulling the trigger on a much needed workhorse bass.  However, I have my first gig in a few months so I'll need to do something before that regardless.  If these are still around then I'll certainly consider taking one off your hands. 

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I probably should've already asked this question, but are they active or passive?  I used to own an IGB60 which was active. 

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Gah!  I would totally have been up for the black one if it was active. 

Genuine and sincere good luck with the sale.  I'm sure someone will be biting your hand(s) off at that price! 

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    • By Matt P
      I didn't know these existed! looks like a nice through neck bass that will be very well made if it's come out of the Overwater factory.
      I don't need this but the want is strong (even though i don't generally like Active basses and i'm playing short scale a lot of the time now)
      I have asked about the string spacing and the weight, i'm just hoping they come back and say it's a boat anchor with super narrow spacing so i can pass by. 
      Link to eBay
    • By lapolpora
      Aria Pro II SB1000 for sale. 1983, oak finish and in nice condition.
      When I bought this bass a few years ago it’s preamp and wiring loom had been stripped out. I bought a replacement preamp from Carl Maltby, and a Rautia replica pickup. (The bass has its original pickup but has never been tested. As I was about to spend a load restoring the bass I just didn’t want to take a chance on it). The preamp, Rautia pickup and new wiring was installed by Feline Guitars (Croydon) with guidance from Carl Maltby. Feline Guitars also polished and levelled the frets - and it all turned out very well.
      Everything else on the bass is original and as you’d expect. The original pickup will be included in the sale. It comes in a Warwick Rockbass gigbag. Collection preferred. Selling as I need to cull the herd and I can’t find playing opportunities for two SBs!

    • By bigjimmyc
      Really nice playing instrument at this price. Pickups upgraded from stock (not sure on brand). Scratchplate and screws included, I just preferred it like this. 
      No trades. Delivery within reason for petrol money. 

    • By Ben Jamin
      Just having a clear out of old stuff! I saved these from the tip many years ago with the idea of repairing them/making some nice decor items but naturally never got round to it.
      I just need them collected - I'll even pay with a cup of tea / beverage of your choice!
      They all need work but they have the potential to be decent guitars or at least fun to practice guitar 'improvements' on.
      First up is a BM Jumbo 155 (which I think is by Yasuma / Japanese?). It's a Martin D28 clone apparently. It could do with some love and a setup but everything's there for a decent acoustic! There's also an Aria XL-DLX Excel Series (guessing either Japanese or Korean?) which needs some more work! It's got a space for a Floyd bridge and needs new tuners etc but it could be a solid rocker. And finally there's a BM Clasico made in Spain. It's pretty rough and needs some new strings - but it comes with it's own fancy case. Thanks for looking! Have some mobile phone photos!

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