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2 differing 112 cabs


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Hi All,

I am using an Epifani UL2 112 cab at the moment, but having trouble sourcing another....i.e. I am impatient for one to come up on here or Ebay!

Any recommendations on a second 112 cab to go with the Epifani?  I would prefer same sizing for stackability - 19.5" width and 8 ohms!




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How important are your cabs to the FoH sound of your band?

If there is little or no PA support for the bass, then you really need to have two cabs the same, otherwise the bass sound will not be consistent throughout the venue, which is something that you definitely want to avoid. 

If the PA mostly produces the FoH bass sound then anything that is the same size will do. Stack the cab you like the sound of best on the top so that you can hear it.

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It's the usual advice but valid anyway; if you mix two different cabs then the sound you will get will change and the combination will not necessarily be a blend of the two sounds. In a sense there are bits of the frequency range where they will work together and bits where they will fight. That may be an improvement on the Epifani or not and only you can judge if it is to your taste.

The practical advice is simple. Don't buy on spec, take your current cab along and try the two cabs together, if you like the way they sound you'll know what to do.

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